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Download your free poster series to celebrate Ireland's Biodiversity week -
To mark Biodiversity week we are celebrating Ireland's beautiful and unique wildlife and through a series of downloadable posters below we're introducing you to some of the varieties of species who live with us on our island. Biodiversity describes the ...

Marine Biologist Susan Williams Dies - The Scientist

The Scientist
“This is a tremendous loss for students and her colleagues at both the Bodega Marine Laboratory and on the Davis campus,” Mark Winey, dean of UC Davis's College of Biological Sciences, says in a statement. “Her scientific excellence, outstanding ...
UC Davis

Germany buzzing about biodiversity thanks to honeybees - The Detroit News

The Detroit News
Chancellor Angela Merkel urged people “to think about biodiversity and do something good for bees” to mark World Bee Day.

Benecke, Mark

Ismaning - Germany

Article archive includes forensic entomology, case reports, DNA typing, and the resume of this City of New York forensic biologist (in English and German).

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    Employment - Resumes

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    Mark Benecke International Forensic Research & Consulting

McPeek, Mark A.
United States

Professor of Biological Sciences at Dartmouth College, University of Kentucky. Research interests in ecology and evolutionary biology and publications.

Mark's Frogs
United States

Experiences with and photos of poison dart frogs of the genus Dendrobates, as well as Mantella frogs.

Mark Dubin
United States

Applies virtual reality to neural rehabilitation.

Mark Laubach
United States

The lab uses methods for large-scale neuronal ensemble recording to study neuronal processing in multiple parts of the nervous system simultaneously.

W. Mark Roberts, Consultant
United States

International consultant to NGOs, government, academia and industry. Expertise in research and analysis of biological information, biodiversity, endangered species, and wildlife problems. Based in Canada.

Mark A. McPeek's Damselfly Research
United States

Descriptions of some of Dr. McPeek's projects and findings.

Regional Mark Information System
United States

Provides services to international, state, federal, and tribal fishery organizations involved in marking anadromous salmonids throughout the Pacific region.

Mark Faint's Cactus Page
United Kingdom

Detailed information on Neolloydia, Notocactus, and Turbinicarpus.

Mark Newbold's Animated Necker Cube
United States

Applet forcing the viewer periodically switch their perception of a cube.

Mark Kostich - Rare and Endangered Mammals
United States

High quality images of species from around the world. Includes Giant Muntjac, Owston's Civet, Binturong, Spotted Linsang, Pangolin, Yellow Throated Marten, Indian Civet, Genet Cat, Sun Bear, Pygmy Loris, and Slow Loris.