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Review: 'Anatomy of a Genocide,' in its focus on one town, is a landmark of Holocaust literature - The Providence Journal

The Providence Journal
Brown University Prof. Omer Bartov masterfully researched and hauntingly rendered history of atrocities committed against — and by — the religiously and ethnically mixed former residents of a place that today is part of Ukraine. “Anatomy of a ...

Action plan released to conserve one of Africa's richest sites for ... - Phys.Org

A team of scientists led by WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) has developed a conservation blueprint to protect one of the most biodiverse regions in Africa: the Albertine Rift, home to mountain and Grauer's gorillas, golden ...
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"Early Man" - Waco Tribune-Herald

Waco Tribune-Herald
Aardman Animations is, along with Pixar, responsible for some of the wittiest family entertainment ever, charming both parents and children. “Chicken Run,” “Wallace and Gromit” and its many spinoffs, and “Shaun the Sheep” — the TV series and the movie ...

Bernese Mountain Dog family from ukraine

Cherkassy - Ukraine

We are small family of berners - 1 female and her 10 kids. We are small - only 1 month age. But we grow up and some day we all became champions!

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America
United States

Information on the dog's history, health, and breeding, including the article, Twenty-one Ways to Love Your Swissy.

National Entlebucher Mountain Dog Association (NEMDA)

Preserving the breed standard, controlling health issues, and providing information and support for enjoying these energetic dogs.

Family Dog Growling or Snapping
United States
Odonata of Ukraine
Russian Federation

Includes a checklist of species, information on odonatologists, maps, new publications, projects and odonatological news.

United States

Livestock guardian dog resource for both companion and working dogs.

United Kingdom

Carting videos, calendar, photographs, and information about starting carting.


Physical appearance, range, behavior, and reproduction.


Factsheet on this endangered species, its description, habitat, social systems and reproduction.

Dog Health Care Information & Dog Breeds
United States

Featuring general information about dog training, biology, psychology, and breeds.

Dog Tricks, Tips and Insights: Bathing Your Dog
United States

Tips and advice for dog grooming.