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Respected Christchurch botanist dies - The Press

The Press
Botanist Bill Sykes working in Christchurch's Packe St Community Gardens, with wife Peggy Kelly (background) in 2015. A Christchurch botanist who dedicated his life to the study of flora throughout the world has died. Bill Sykes died at Nurse Maude ...

Evolution of Alpine landscape recorded by sedimentary rocks - Science Daily

Science Daily
Rock avalanches and torrents started to form V-shaped valleys in the Swiss Alps approximately 25 million years ago. This landscape contrasts to the flat and hilly scenery, which characterized the Alps a few millions of years before. Geologists from the ...

Evolution of Alpine landscape recorded by sedimentary rocks - Phys.Org

The current shape of the Alps with steep V-shaped valleys and torrents have evolved during approximately five millions of years. This time span might be perceived as very long, but it is a few seconds for geologists. This was the major outcome of a ...

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens

Englewood - United States

Calendar of events, information about programs, and collections policy. Vail, Colorado, USA.

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens
United States

Displays the varied landscapes of alpine and subalpine regions. Located in Ford Park.

Pet Travel & Dog Fun from Betty White
United States

Traveling with your pet as told from the canine perspective, with information on presidential dogs, dog jokes, stories, quizzes, and contests. Send a dog postcard.


Online short course coordinated by University of Zurich Department of Geography. Requires registration.

Alpine Accentor (Prunella collaris)
United States

Photo of this bird taken at Mt. Fuji, Japan.

Diphasium alpinum: Alpine Clubmoss
United Kingdom

Description of this glaucous species, also known as Lycopodium alpinum, and two photographs.

United Kingdom

Describes the physical characteristics of this plant, its habitats, uses and cultivation.

Arctic-Alpine Tundra Project
United States

Digital online flora of the arctic-alpine regions of eastern North America including Quebec, Labrador, Newfoundland and New England. Profiles the wildflowers and ferns of Mt. Washington and other mountains.

Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research at U of Colorado, Boulder
United States

Mission is to facilitate interdisciplinary research leading to a predictive understanding of the biological, chemical, and physical interactions that regulate the earth system in arctic, alpine, and other regions.

Alpine Marmot (Marmota marmota)
United Kingdom

Photographs and information on this species including a description, distribution, habitat, diet, behavior and reproduction.

United States

Plant collection, events, virtual tour. Midland, Michigan, USA.