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RNA Metabolism Modifying sex in flies -
N6-methyladenosine (m6A) is the most common mRNA modification in eukaryotes, but its functions are not well understood. Now, two studies in Nature report a role for m6A in the regulation of sex determination in Drosophila melanogaster. Lence et al. set ...

Discover of a protein that protects against fatty liver - EurekAlert (press release)

EurekAlert (press release)
Specifically, under stress, caused by uncontrolled ingestion of fats for example, the endoplasmic reticulum--a cell organelle associated with protein synthesis and folding and lipid metabolism--stops its activity in order to re-establish cell equilibrium.

Researchers use stem cells to regenerate the external layer of a human heart - EurekAlert (press release)

EurekAlert (press release)
... we discovered that if we treated human stem cells with chemicals that sequentially activate and inhibit Wnt signaling pathway, they become myocardium muscle cells," said Xiaojun Lance Lian, assistant professor of biomedical engineering and biology ...

Metabolic Pathways May Lead Researchers to Novel Therapeutic Targets in Neuro-Oncology - OncLive

With the advent of molecular biology and genetics, metabolism and the idea of targeting the aberrant metabolism tumor kind of became passé, kind of like pharmacology did. We got in to the genetic age and people began to forget about it, until we began ...

Ben Cheyette '88 Explores the Biological Basis of Psychiatric Disorders - Princeton Alumni Weekly

Princeton Alumni Weekly
Cheyette's interests in psychiatry and molecular biology led him to pursue a career researching the Wnt signaling pathway, which is the basis for his current work. In addition to his research, Cheyette spends one day a week seeing patients at the UCSF ...

New Insights Into Signaling Pathway Could Lead to Novel Therapies ... - Northwestern University NewsCenter

Northwestern University NewsCenter
Geoffrey Swanson, PhD, professor of Pharmacology, was the principal investigator of the study, which showed an unexpected signaling pathway present in ...

Bilirubin Metabolism Pathway

Metabolism Course Notes

Text and illustrations on human metabolism. Covers pathways, hormonal regulation, and some discussion of medical correlations such as diabetes and ...

Metabolism - Clinical And Experimental
United States

metabolism promotes excellence in research by publishing high-quality original research papers, fast-tracking cutting-edge papers, research brief reports, mini-reviews, and other ...

kidshealth - Metabolism Basics
United States

Our bodies get the energy they need from food through metabolism, the chemical reactions in the body's cells that convert ...

Ingenuity Pathways Analysis
United States

Offer a web-based mammalian biology knowledgebase and analysis tool used for drug discovery and genomic data analysis.

United States

Guide to bioinformatic resources and annotations from San Francisco State University.


KEGG Regulatory Pathways -- a collection of graphical pathway maps, ortholog group tables, and molecular catalogs. Includes a few signaling ...

Pathway Tools
United States

Predict metabolic pathways from genomes and graphically depict pathways. Visualize gene expression data on a metabolic pathway map. Generate a ...


Provides expert level, human-curated databases for drug discovery and life science researchers for gene expression, regulation and transcription pathway discovery.

Sea Otter Metabolism
United States

Find information on how one of the species thermoregulatory adaptations is a high metabolism. Includes references cited and information on ...

United States

Bioinformatics portal which integrates protein information and many databases and research tools useful for researchers and students. Subscription based service.

Liver Metabolism
United Kingdom

Flow chart of liver metabolism. Mousing over the chart will display explanations of pathways and enzyme reaction in pop-up windows ...

Ariadne Genomics Inc.
United States

Software for biological pathways visualization and analysis, functional interpretation of genetic information.

General Overview of the Major Metabolic Pathways

A survey of human metabolism, written for undergraduates in the Health Sciences from a chemist's point of view. Includes profile ...

Signal Transduction - Receptors, Mediators and Genes

Journal for critical discussions in the multifaceted field of signal transduction mechanisms.

Laboratory Manual for Biomedical Research
United States

Provides protocols, animation tutorials, databases and pathways in biomedicine.

AJP - Endocrinology and Metabolism
United States

subsection of American Journal of Physiology. Current articles and archived articles are available.


Metabolic pathway analysis webservice, including shortest, alternate path and network analysis from Cologne University Bioinformatics Center, Germany.


Biological databases, bioinformatics tools, and consulting in gene regulatory processes such as transcriptional control and signal transduction.

American Society for Bone and Mineral Research
United States

Scientific society composed of individuals actively involved in clinical and basic aspects of bone and mineral metabolism.

Integrative BioInformatics
United States

Integrative BioInformatics is a biotech consulting firm with expertise in computational biology. It specializes in bringing its software solutions to ...

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