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UPMC to build invest $200M in immunology center in Pittsburgh (Video) - Pittsburgh Business Times

Pittsburgh Business Times
UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh announced Tuesday a new center for immunology, cancer treatment and aging that will be the vanguard of a new bio-innovation center. The UPMC Immune Transplant and Therapy Center will be part of a redesigned eight ...
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
WTAE Pittsburgh

Med student wants others to know they, too, can be doctors - USC News

USC News
I thought I would become a marine biologist, which transformed into biology. I went into college thinking I would go on the classic track of a bio major. To be honest, I had been pretty clueless, not just on career options but on figuring out college ...

NBC's A.P. Bio Teaches A Dubious Biology Lesson In New Clip ... - Den of Geek US

Den of Geek US
In a Sneak Peek of A.P. Bio episode 2, Paula Pell's Nurse Helen has a disturbing lesson plan for the biology class. Directory

Bratislava - Slovakia

A directory of biological related subjects. Includes search function and submission link.

Bio Girl's Bio Helpline
United States

Great biology research sites with links and resources.

Enzyme Directory
United States

A portal for enzymes, substrates, inhibitors and recombinant proteins. Enables the user to identify sources for a wide range of such products.

UK Zoo Directory
United States

A large directory of UK zoos, safari parks, aquaria and animal collections.

Echinoid Directory
United Kingdom

Biology, phylogeny, and classification of sea urchins.

The Echinoid Directory
United Kingdom

Project based at the Natural History Museum, London, aiming to provide information for amateurs and the scientific community on this major group of marine invertebrates with a long fossil record.

The Hydrozoa Directory

Information about the classification, anatomy, and life cycle of this class, including photographs and diagrams. Also provides biographies and photos of hydrozoan systematists and marine naturalists of the past.

The Lamiaceae Directory
United States

A directory of quality links to Lamiaceae websites, articles, abstracts, photos, horticultural data, endangered species and other relevant and important information on the Lamiaceae plant family

UK Dogshow Directory, The
United Kingdom
Batcall Directory

Southeastern Australia bat call directory, with other publications and links to related information resources.

Evolution Directory

Provides a means for evolutionary biologists, population biologists and scientists in related areas to post and distribute information about jobs, meetings, news and general announcements.