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Fossil tracks in the Alps help explain dinosaur evolution - The Economist

The Economist
THAT the dinosaurs went out with a bang is well known. About 66m years ago a large space rock hit what is now southern Mexico. As a consequence, and with the assistance of some enormous volcanic eruptions on the other side of the planet, the terrible ...

Bio bots: robots that mimic animal physiology - The Guardian

The Guardian
Hive of activity: bee-like robots could be sent to Mars. Photograph: Getty/Science Photo Library RF. Marsbees. Last week, Nasa announced that it is developing robotic bees to gather information about areas of Mars that wouldn't be accessible to a Mars ...

Startup aims to democratize synthetic biology | MIT News - MIT News

MIT News
MIT Media Lab spinout Amino Labs, founded by alumna Julie Legault, makes synthetic biology mini-labs, DNA Playground and Bio Explorer, that include tools and materials for students, makers, and artists to engineer microbes to produce colors and fragrances.
Tech Explorist (press release)

Bio Space

Denver - United States

Features industry and research center news. Also has a career center and a list of areas with a concentration of businesses in the field. Includes resource links.

Bio Girl's Bio Helpline
United States

Great biology research sites with links and resources.

Tardigrades in Space
United States

TARDIS, a research project evaluating the ability of tardigrades to survive in open space conditions.

Water Bears to Space Again
United States

A team competing for the Google Lunar X Prize floats an idea in December 2009 for launching dessicated tardigrades into space, rehydrating them in space, and filming what happens.

Space Farms Zoo & Museum
United States

Sussex. A 100 acre park with Over 500 animals of more than 100 different species and many buildings dedicated to showcasing American History collections. Includes fees, a listing of facilities, announcements, a reservation form and nearby attractions.

Time-Space Chart: Hominid Fossils
United States

Provides details of the different hominid finds from around the world by place and species.

Can Life Survive Deep Space? Let's Send It There!
United States

Wired Science story about an experiment sending organisms to a Martian moon, and then back to Earth.

Hardy Li'l Critters will be First Tested in Open Space

News entry in the Boing Boing blog about tardigrades in space.

American Society for Gravitational and Space Biology
United States

Fosters research, education, training, and development in gravitational and space biology.

American Society for Gravitational and Space Biology
United States

A number of Life Science disciplines (from molecular biology to cell physiology) studied in experimental space conditions.

Top 10 Things Launched Into Space in 2008
United States

Wired story about 2008 space launch cargo, including tardigrades