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Beloved Texas A&M-University Corpus Christi biology professor, Wes Tunnell, dies - Corpus Christi Caller-Times

Corpus Christi Caller-Times
The scientific community is mourning the death of John “Wes” Tunnell, a marine ecologist and biologist, historian, author and early orchestrator of the Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. Tunnell ...

New scholarship open to marine biology, environmental students - The Guam Daily Post

The Guam Daily Post
Students pursuing a career in marine biology or environmental science can apply for the More Like Jimmy Scholarship, which will award up to $4,000 per year, per student. An anonymous donor has pledged to award up to $10,000 in total awards each year, ...

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Origami-inspired device helps marine biologists study octopuses and jellyfish - Science Daily

Science Daily
Scientists have tried to find the safest and most effective ways to explore marine life in the oceanic water, the largest and least explored environment on Earth, for years. Each time, they were faced with the same challenge: How to capture delicate or ...
EurekAlert (press release)
National Geographic

Selenium cysteine and epileptic seizures -
In 1822, the French Egyptologist Jean-François Champollion announced the complete deciphering of the hieroglyphs carved around 200 bc into a block of granodiorite, the so-called Rosetta stone. This was an impressive intellectual achievement, as it ...

Biochemistry And Molecular Biology - Biomolecules

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Biochemistry And Molecular Biology - Biomolecules [ 61-80 of 374]
Guild BioSciences
United States

Offer protein isolation, purification, characterization, SDS PAGE, 2D electrophoresis, differential proteomic analysis, with proprietary prefractionation methods. Includes team overview and ...

Interaction Proteome

Interaction Proteome is an integrated project to establish Europe as the international scientific leader in the analysis of protein-protein interactions.

Hunan Weiheng Biotech Co., Ltd

Profile, history and products of manufacturer of zinc metallothionein, now offering polymerases and growth factors from Changsha, China.

HistoRx, Inc.
United States

Developer of automated, integrated tissue analysis system enabling quantitative intracellular localization of protein expression in samples and tissue microarrays. Includes ...

SPINE Structural Proteomics in Europe
United Kingdom

SPINE is an integrated research project which brings together some of the top European structural biology institutions in an unprecedented ...

United States

Resource, including its relationship to immunity, pigmentation, neurochemistry, obesity, mutations resulting in the genotypes of mahogany, zitter, myelin vacuolation and ...

Current Proteomics
United Kingdom

The journal publishes review articles in all aspects of the fast-expanding field of proteomics. All areas of proteomics are covered ...

Lang, Professor B. Franz

Research articles related to mitochondrial RNase P(mtP), secondary structure models of mtP RNA, and links that are subject related.

Structural Biology Labs

Personnel, facilities, local information and links to resources, at the Biomedical Centre, Uppsala, Sweden.

HUPO 9th Annual World Congress

Details of the five day meeting of the Human Proteome Organisation from 19th to 23rd of September 2010, at Sydney, ...

Functional Glycomics Gateway
United States

Collaboration between the Consortium for Functional Glycomics and Nature Publishing Group. Includes glycomics news, resources, and databases of glycan-binding proteins, ...

Walter Lab
United States

RNA Biochemistry of catalytic RNA, short ribozymes, folding, FRET, fluorescence, atomic force microscopy. Listing publications back to 1993 from the ...

Groningen Mibiton Proteomics Facility

Information about the organization, instrumentation and activities of the proteomics facility at the University of Groningen, Netherlands.

United States

Overview of protein splicing, exteins and the intein database at New England Biolabs, Inc. Includes links to publications at the ...

University of Cambridge, Department of Biochemistry
United Kingdom

Staff, seminars, servers, databases combining macromolecular crystallography and biocomputing, at the Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge, UK.

Harvard Institute of Proteomics
United States

Institute studying the uses of genomic information for proteomic structure determination.

Plasma Proteome Institute
United States

PPI is working to define the research and regulatory agenda required to advance the exploration and diagnostic use of the ...

Histone Sequence Database
United States

Compendium of histone protein sequence alignments, including postranslational modifications and proteins containing the histone fold, at the National Human Genome ...


Program from BJ Diagnostik that reads and processes fragment analysis files measured on ABI DNA-sequencers.

MelTec GmbH & Co. KG

Pioneer in topological proteomics optimising the drug discovery, with proprietary technology for automated characterization at the single cell level, for ...

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Biochemistry And Molecular Biology - Biomolecules [ 61-80 of 374]