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"The Right Stuff" --Astronauts Will Recycle Biology Into Critical Tools for Long Space Missions - The Daily Galaxy (blog)

The Daily Galaxy (blog)
Imagine you're on your way to Mars, and you lose a crucial tool during a spacewalk. Not to worry, you'll simply re-enter your spacecraft and use some microorganisms to convert your urine and exhaled carbon dioxide (CO2) into chemicals to make a new one.

Culture not biology is behind many differences between the sexes - New Scientist

New Scientist
So far, there has been a firmly established “biology is destiny” mantra ringing down through the centuries. It has been a central tenet of traditional evolutionary explanations that differences in behavioural traits between men and women have fixed ...

Response to Dr. Block's “Biology, not free enterprise, at fault for pay gap” - Maroon

And so I respectfully respond to Dr. Block that his opinion, “Biology, not free enterprise, at fault for pay gap,” ignores a key factor: the systemic oppression of women. Historically, in this country and elsewhere, women were denied access to ...

Using Biology to Debunk Google Memo on Women - Healthline

Several meta-analyses, experts said, show that there are only small biological differences between men and women. And the biggest one is obvious: physical strength. In his 10-page memo, Google engineer James Damore said that “on average, men and ...

Lighting up neurons -
Calcium-specific fluorescent indicators have been used to identify activated neurons, but these reporters are only passive tools that allow experimentalists to observe, but not to perturb, neuronal activity, and do not enable the alteration of gene ...

Biochemistry And Molecular Biology - Directories

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Biochemistry And Molecular Biology - Directories [ 1-20 of 28]
United States

Aerosols - Our aerosol products include Acrylic Lacquer and Adhesive Spray. Specialised aerosols the number one aerosol manufacturers.

The Bio-Web
United States

The Bio-Web : Cell and Molecular Biology News, Books, Tools and Resources. Frankly, "The Bio-Web" is Your source for Molecular ...


Search engine using multi-agent retrieval vagabond on information networks, from the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics.
United States

Internet directory dedicated to molecular biology.

United States

Resources in biochemical, molecular, cellular, system, and organism biology, including over 25,000 indexed links, accumulated since 2000, from topic menus ...

Kraus Lab
United States

Access to the Cystathionine beta synthase (CBS) and Propionyl-CoA Carboxylase (PCC) mutation databases, list of publications and contact details of ...


Categorical web directory for bioinformatics.

United States

Jumper is a collaborative knowledgebase and business communication tool that allows end users to directly publish both data and the ...

DNA and Protein Analysis Toolkit
United States

Compendium of bioinformatics computing services from The Rockefeller University. Many different ways to analyse biomolecules.

Genome Programs

Links to online genomics resources - including the individual projects.

United States

A compendium of tools for molecular biology, biotechnology, molecular evolution, biochemistry and biomolecular modeling.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong based bioinformatics resources portal. Links Directory

Features curated links to molecular resources, tools and databases.

Bioinformatics Sites

Curated list of sequence search utilities, as well as databases and tools related with proteomics and structural bioscience.

Bioinformatics Resource World
United States

Bioinformatics based knowledge resource to help bioinformaticians and researchers.

United States

Bioinformatics news service.

Virtual Library of Biochemistry and Cell Biology
United States

Guide to resources in related fields, indexed by subject with annotated links.

Research Tools

Collection of very useful links to databases and tools for molecular biochemistry.

Biomed/Biotech Resources
United States

Easy access to sites of interest to biochemists, biophysicists, molecular biologists, and biocomputing experts, from the University of New Mexico.

Biochemist e-volution
United Kingdom

News, events, announcements, book reviews, marketplace, edited by the Biochemical Society in the UK.

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Biochemistry And Molecular Biology - Directories [ 1-20 of 28]