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George Oster, pioneer in applying mathematics to biology, dies at 77 - UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley
He will be remembered for the fountain of ideas gushing out of him in the Brewed Awakening café on Euclid Avenue at the edge of UC Berkeley campus, where he held informal group meetings almost every morning. A member of the National Academy of Sciences ...

Fonseca Discusses Integrating Biology and Treatment in Multiple Myeloma - OncLive

Fonseca Discusses Integrating Biology and Treatment in Multiple Myeloma. Caroline Seymour. Published: Thursday, Apr 19, 2018. Print Button. Rafael Fonseca, MD. Although findings from the phase III ALCYONE trial demonstrated the superiority of ...

BRIEF-Baolingbao Biology obtains high-tech enterprise recognition and to enjoy tax preference - Reuters

BRIEF-Baolingbao Biology obtains high-tech enterprise recognition and to enjoy tax preference. Reuters Staff. 1 Min Read. April 20 (Reuters) - Baolingbao Biology Co Ltd. * Says it was recognized as high-tech enterprise and could enjoy a tax preference ...

New degree program blends biochemistry and biology to solve modern problems - Indiana Daily Student

Indiana Daily Student
A new undergraduate degree program in molecular life sciences will begin fall 2018, connecting the fields of biology, chemistry, medicine and biotechnology. The program, a collaboration between the Department of Biology and the Department of Molecular ...

Single-cell database to propel biological studies - Phys.Org

A team at Whitehead Institute and MIT has harnessed single-cell technologies to analyze over 65,000 cells from the regenerative planarian flatworm, Schmidtea mediterranea, revealing the complete suite of actives genes (or "transcriptome") for ...

Biochemistry And Molecular Biology - Methods And Techniques

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Biochemistry And Molecular Biology - Methods And Techniques [ 81-100 of 135]
FISH Guide and Troubleshooting
United States

Links to pages describing influential parameters, with guides on PCR, RT-PCR and multiplex PCR reactions, Taq, FISH, CM-FISH, TM-FISH, microarrays, ...

Dolan DNA Learning Centers Gene Almanac
United States

Educational site on topics in genetics and gene expression from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, USA.

Effect of PCR Buffer on Multiplex PCR

Multiplex PCR employs different primer pairs in the same amplification reaction. This requires extensive optimization of annealing conditions. From Quiagen ...


Thesis abstract about restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) by Alexander Binder 1997.

BioRad, Amplification, PCR
United States

Division of BioRad Laboratories that manufactures and sells instruments for PCR, in Hercules, California, USA.

Attotron Biosensor Corporation

Research and development company for development of biosensors and related products for the research and educational markets.

Amberg Laboratory Protocols:
United States

Laboratory protocols for PCR work used by the group of David Amberg at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology ...


A program to optimize temperature gradient gel electrophoresis and PCR for mutation screening, From the Institute for Medical Genetics, Charite, ...

Software for Amplified Fragment Length
United States

Article by Maurisa Riley and ChangSheng Jonathan Liu at SoftGenetics, LLC, State College, PA, USA. [PDF]

United States

Computer program used to screen SYBR Green primers and TaqMan probes for secondary structures such as dimers or hairpins.

In silico PCR

Tools to derive the theoretical results from many PCR techniques and techniques related to PCR, from the Department of Immunology, ...


Free software for design of PCR primers, multiplex PCR, in silico PCR, clustering and any kind of repeat sequence.

Comet Assay
United Kingdom

An advanced image analysis system for the quantification of DNA damage in cells using the Comet single cell gel electrophoresis ...

RT-PCR Methodology
United States

Animation to illustrate the way reverse transcriptase PCR (RT-PCR) produces DNA copies of an RNA template, from Cold Spring Harbor ...

A Critical Evaluation of Differential Display as a Tool to Identify Genes Involved in Legume Nodulation
United States

Article: S Lievens, S Goormachtig, M Holsters: Nuc Acids Res. 2001: 29(17) 3459-3468.

About mRNA Differential Display
United States

Description of the technique and listing of materials supplied by GenHunter, in Nashville, TN, USA.

TATAA Biocenter

Provider of products, services and courses in real-time PCR, in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Real-time PCR Goes Prime Time
United States

Tutorial from Applied Biosystems, Austin, TX, USA.

United Kingdom

Survey article by UG Mueller and L. LaReesa Wolfenbarger: amplified fragment length polymorphisms (AFLPs) are polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based markers ...


Sessions on advances in technologies, novel uses and bioinformatics held over three days in Adelaide, South Australia.

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Biochemistry And Molecular Biology - Methods And Techniques [ 81-100 of 135]