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National Beekeeping Centre Wales, Conwy: 'Connect kids with ecology – because the bees need us' – review - The Guardian

The Guardian
This low-key and friendly visitor centre is a champion for Welsh honeybees, which are increasingly under threat from climate change and loss of wild flower meadows. It raises visitors' awareness of environmental issues and illustrates the 4,000-year ...

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre immune system discovery | Herald ... - Herald Sun

Herald Sun
IMMUNE cells typically kill cancer cells like a sniper. A direct injection of toxin into this foreign cell ends its life. But Melbourne researchers have found another ...

Go on a treasure hunt - The Hindu

The Hindu
Located on the ground floor of Neurobiology Research Centre of NIMHANS, it is a collection of around 500 brains affected by Neurodegenerative and Infective conditions. Though, we can't vouch for it but the visitors can touch a few exhibits upon request.

BioComposites Centre

Bangor - United Kingdom

Carries out contract research on the processing of wood and plant materials

Nathaniel Centre - The Catholic Bioethics Centre
New Zealand

Agency of the Catholic Bishops Conference dealing with issues in bioethics.

CSLD Centre
United States

Dedicated to the study and documentation of wolves in Italy.

Raptor Centre, The

Sanctuary for birds of prey in South-East England. Gives flying displays from Easter to October and visits schools during the winter.

My Genomics Resource Centre

A Malaysian Genomics toolset for high-throughput analysis of biological data. Must register to use.

BioInformatics Centre - Singapore

BIC hosts Bio-Resources including BioAgent, BioPortal, APBioNET, BioJournals, BioFTP Sites, BioSoftware, Biotech Directories, BioNet News/Archives, Bio Databases, Bio Catalogs, E-Mail Servers, Virtual Lib, Web Search, Patent Search

Linnaeus Centre for Bioinformatics

At Uppsala, Sweden. Research areas include algorithms and databases, genome studies, expression and function, and structure and design. Runs courses and seminars.


Offers a range of free software tools for annotating an entire genome, assembling sequences, gap closing and analysis of microarrays.

Springbrook Research Centre
United States

Environmental studies and observations of bioluminescent organisms and bioluminescent fungi at the Springbrook Research Centre, Queensland, Australia.

Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
United Kingdom

A leading body in the United Kingdom for research and monitoring in terrestrial and freshwater sciences.

Centre for Population Biology
United Kingdom

Research in population biology and related disciplines to understand and predict the functioning of ecological systems, from populations to ecosystems. (Imperial College, University of London, UK).