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Research confirms a new way for cells to conserve energy - EurekAlert (press release)

EurekAlert (press release)
By proving a theory that was first proposed almost 40 years ago, researchers have confirmed a new way that cells conserve energy. The study, led by William Metcalf, G. William Arends Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology and leader of the Mining ...

Evolution stands as legit science - Daily Mining Gazette

Daily Mining Gazette
This is a response to Marilyn Sager's letter entitled “Scientists join to debunk evolution.” Who are the “scientists” that she is referring to? She is not referring to the vast majority, probably more than 99.9 percent, of the world's scientists ...

Australian unis ranked among world's best in pharmacology, mining and sport - The Australian Financial Review

The Australian Financial Review
Australian universities have been rated number two in the world for the way they teach pharmacology, mining and sport in the latest influential ranking survey. Monash University in Victoria is the global number two for teaching pharmacology, just ...
Top Universities
Top Universities

Biodatabase Mining

Stittsville - Canada

Whitepaper on database mining in the Human Genome Initiative.

Mining Bees (Andrena sp.)
United States

Description and images of species found in European gardens.