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Insecticides Threaten Bee Biodiversity, Long-Term Study Shows - International Business Times

International Business Times
Because they are important, and not just from a pure biodiversity point of view. According to the paper, published Tuesday in the journal Nature Communications: “Insect pollinators are estimated to support 9.5% of world food production and wild bees ...
Summit County Citizens Voice
New Scientist
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New hope for Alzheimer's? Researchers see first promising therapies in decades - Sacramento Bee

Sacramento Bee
During the past three decades, “remarkable progress” has been made in understanding the neurobiology of chronic brain diseases such as Alzheimer's, notes a 2012 report by a national group of Alzheimer's researchers, part of the U.S. plan to defeat the ...

Watching Olympics can inspire you to get slimmer, fitter, faster, stronger - Sacramento Bee

Sacramento Bee
“Olympic athletes have this incredible physical motor,” said Keith Baar, a UC Davis professor of neurobiology, physiology and behavior, “but what distinguishes one physical motor from the other is their willingness to go to the extremes. It's the ...

Biogeography of the Honey Bee (Apis mellifera)

San Francisco - United States

Project by Kristen Coker on this insect, its natural history, evolution and distribution.

Apis mellifera: Honey Bee
United States

Several photographs and some insect facts.

The Honey Bee (Apis mellifera)
United Kingdom

Information on the bee including its anatomy, the organization of the colony, the roles of queen, worker and drone, their development and other aspects of the lives of bees and that of the colony.

European Honey Bee: Apis mellifera
United States

Research project by Colin Natrop on this domesticated insect including its classification, habitat, reproduction, adaptations, nutrition and interactions with other species.

Apis mellifera scutellata: Africanized Honeybee
United States

Photographs of this species and information on its taxonomy, description, habitat and distribution, life history, community biology, physical tolerances, ecology and invasive information.

United Kingdom

An account of the life and biology of the bee, and the activities of the colony throughout the year. [PDF]

United States

Discussion of swarming activity from the University of Nebraska.

Insect Insights: The Honey Bee
United States

Photographic study by Dave Walker on the hairy eyes and amazing legs of this insect.

Interactive Honey Bee Worker
United States

Diagram of a honey bee and downloadable images of the different body parts.

Honey Bee Research at the University of Illinois
United States

Research in Gene E. Robinson's lab that studies the mechanisms of social behavior in honey bees.

Africanized Honey Bee Education Project
United States

From the University of Arizona.