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Obituary: Sir David Smith, botanist and former Principal of Edinburgh University - The Scotsman

The Scotsman
Sir David Smith, who has died aged 88, was an eminent botanist and educationalist who gained numerous academic distinctions and held several prestigious appointments. Knighted in 1986, between 1987 and 1994 he was Principal of Edinburgh University ...

Cambridge Museum of Zoology reopens after £4m facelift - BBC News

BBC News
The Cambridge Zoology Museum has reopened after a £4m refurbishment. It opened in 1814, but has been closed since 2013 for a revamp. The museum has two million specimens, housed in the Sir David Attenborough building. The presenter said the ...

Cambridge zoology museum to reopen after £4.1m revamp - The Guardian

The Guardian
When Sir David Attenborough opens the University of Cambridge's zoology museum this week, the proud curators will show him their fabulous discovery. It's fair to say the casual visitor might wonder why they are so excited by the scruffy frame ...

Biography of Sir Alexander Fleming

Stockholm - Sweden

Also includes his Nobel lecture.

Bacteriologist, Alexander Fleming
United States

Article from Time magazine.

Science Odyssey: Alexander Fleming
United States

Biography of the Nobel Prize winner who discovered penicillin. History of Penicillin - Alexander Fleming, John Sheehan, Andrew Moyer
United States

Traces the contribution of the three scientists in penicillin's development as one of the most widely used antibiotic agents.

Fleming Forum
United States

Medical microbiology site with abstract and review updates.

Biography of Günter Blobel
United States

Research interests are in molecular biology, protein and plant-specific techniques, as well as in computers.

George Washington Carver Biography
United States

Biography of George Washington Carver, the African American scientist who dedicated his life to agricultural and industrial research. Read about Carver's early life on a 19th century plantation, his education, and his scientific discoveries.

Biography of James Dewey Watson

From the Nobel Foundation.

DNAgeing: Alexander Mazin
United States

Articles on DNA methylation as a generator of mutations and a mechanism of aging. Includes research interests of author in Moscow, Russia.

Biography of Francis Harry Compton Crick

Biography of Francis Crick, from the Nobel Foundation.