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NBAF UPDATE | Developing NBAF's diagnostic workforce of tomorrow - Manhattan Mercury

Manhattan Mercury
The NSTP fellowship offers full tuition and other supplemental support for qualified applicants seeking to complete certain advanced degree programs in targeted fields of study such as bioinformatics, diagnostics, microbiology, molecular biology and ...

Improving Crops to Feed Latin America and the Caribbean: First Results of a Regional Project Presented at an IAEA ... - International Atomic Energy Agency

International Atomic Energy Agency
This will include a training course in molecular biology and bioinformatics for the genetic improvement of agricultural crops obtained through induced mutation; and a training course in participatory selection methodologies for crops of regional ...

Molecular biology, West Nile focus of Conrad native visiting Zambia - Great Falls Tribune

Great Falls Tribune
... microbiology at Montana State University. She worked in the bioinformatics lab at MSU. Bioinformatics involves using computational tools to acquire, store and analyze biological data including medical, behavioral, associated environmental and ...

Bioinformatics Factsheet

Rockville - United States

A basic introduction to the science from the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

Blue Whale Factsheet
United States

Information compiled by the Marine Mammal Center.

Mountain Lion Factsheet
United States

Information on this species from Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Nutria - USDA Factsheet
United States

Description, identification, behavior, damage to the environment, and efforts to manage Myocastor coypus in the United States. [PDF]

Factsheet - Centrosema molle

A report covering the morphology, ecology and agronomy of the species, with an assessment of its potential as a forage crop. Plus links to pages describing possible companion plants and a list of selected references.

United States

Photographs and information on the life cycle of these fungi and possible management strategies.

Factsheet - Centrosema pubescens

A report on the morphology and ecology of the species, with an assessment of its potential as a forage crop. Plus selected references and notes on promising cultivars.

Species factsheet for Galeopsis pyrenaica

Biological Diversity, Biodiversity, Clearing-House Mechanism, CHM


A one-year, international master's programme in bioinformatics at the University of Skovde, Sweden.
United States

Provides an extensive directory of bioinformatics and molecular biology software tools and resources for sequence analysis, genomics, and proteomics.

UCLA Bioinformatics
United States

Main web site for the UCLA Bioinformatics program.