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Cell Studio: Serious games for immunology - Phys.Org

The novel platform, known as Cell Studio, can simulate an organic microenvironment with biological and biophysical rules at the cellular level. Several biological scenarios can be simulated, including a 2-D or 3-D spatial patch of tissue or cell ...

Origin of the species: where did Darwin's finches come from? - The Guardian

The Guardian
Biogeography and evolution of the Galápagos: Integration of the biological and geological evidence. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. Sato, A, et al., 2001. On the origin of Darwin's finches. Molecular Biology and Evolution. Steadman, DW, 1982.

New Leak Says 'Pokémon GO' Is Getting A Gen 4 'Evolution Event' Next Week - Forbes

A long while a back a leaker perfectly predicted Pokémon GO's Water Festival before it happened. Now, the leaker is back, and his sources seem to be telling him something even more exciting is in the cards. That would be a new “Evolution Event,” which ...

Biological Markers of Water Pollution

United Kingdom

A review of the literature on the use of enzyme induction in aquatic organisms to measure environmental pollution.

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    Ecology - Aquatic Ecology

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    Part 1: GST as a Marker of Water Pollution. MSc Thesis, Tom Rees, 1993
    A review of the use of enzyme induction in aquatic organisms to detect water pollution. Part of an MSc Research thesis.


    Gsh - Water Pollution

Invasion of Pollution-tolerant Lichens
United States

Research on the distribution of four pollution-tolerant non-native lichens in the Pacific Northwest.

Scientific American: Parasites or Pollution?
United States

Research by biologists reveals what accounts for certain side-show frogs.

United States

Technical article discussing how lichens play prominent roles in air pollution studies because of their sensitivity to different gaseous pollutants, particularly sulfur dioxide.

Justicia americana: Water Willow or American Water Willow
United States

Photographs of this plant of wet places, with its description and identifying characteristics.

How Does Water go Up in a Tree?
United States

Abstract of a study by Charles M. Redman on the fluid dynamics of plants.

Water Mites
United States

A gallery of fine photographs by Wim van Egmond of members of several genera.

Water fleas
United States

Information and several fine photographs of these small crustaceans.

Water Striders
United States

Article by Louise Kulzer about water striders and their behavioral quirks.

Water Snake
United States

Water snakes in the genus Nerodia are non-venomous colubrid snakes found in North America. Includes details of the species, pictures, videos and references.

United States

Entry in the DNA and Diversity blog about Hypsibius dujardini, a species of tardigrade whose genome is being sequenced.