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Hints from Heloise for Feb. 3, 2018 - Waco Tribune-Herald

Waco Tribune-Herald
DEAR READERS: The weather outside probably is still frightful for most of the country. Are you prepared if you are out driving and get stuck? Here are some items you should have in your vehicle for safety's sake, courtesy of An extra ...

Biodiversity Is Life's Safety Net - The Atlantic

The Atlantic
In his book The Diversity of Life (1992), he described biodiversity as an assemblage that “has eaten the storms—folded them into its genes—and created the world that created us. It holds the world steady.” We tend to think of biodiversity as a ...

Forest Park and off-road cycling: Letter to the editor -
The biggest problem is teaching the wildlife which days they get the trails. My concern about the off-road cycling community is that a great many bike riders show little or no understanding or awareness of the danger and disruption their sport causes ...

Biological Safety & Compliance - ORS,NIH Community

Bethesda, Maryland - United States

The OResearcherffice of Research Services, DOHS facilitates the implementation of biosafety practices for researchers in the laboratory. The information presented on this website is intended to aid the researcher in practicing safe science when working with biological agents.

Biological Safety
United States

The Biosafety Office assists the Hopkins community in maintaining a safe work environment that is compliant with federal, state and community regulations. Our goal is to serve as a technical knowledgebase and training resource for biological safety issues on campus. The following services are provided to the Hopkins community through the Biosafety Office: * Recombinant DNA Registration * Infectious Agent/Pathogen Registration *

NuAire Biological Safety Cabinets
United States

Choose NuAire biological safety cabinets for all of your microbiological research needs. Ergonomic biosafety cabinet design improves laboratory safety and process accuracy. Choose a biological safety cabinet class from the web site, or contact NuAire to customize a biosafety cabinet for your research today.

American Biological Safety Association

Information on all aspects of biosafety and biological safety, including documents, regulations and guidelines for members and non-members of the ABSA.

NuAire Biological Safety Cabinets
United States

Choose NuAire biological safety cabinets for all of your microbiological research needs. Ergonomic biosafety cabinet design improves laboratory safety and process accuracy.

American Biological Safety Association
United States

The American Biological Safety Association (ABSA) was founded in 1984 to promote biosafety as a scientific discipline and serve the growing needs of biosafety professionals throughout the world. Its goals are to provide a professional association that represents the interests and needs of practitioners of biological safety, and to provide a forum for the continued and timely exchange of biosafety in formation.

Biological Safety Section (BSS)
United States

The Biological Safety Section (BSS) is responsible for the development and oversight of programs to ensure the safe handling, transport, use, and disposal of biological materials. BSS activities include registration, review, monitoring, and training for research involving infectious agents and recombinant DNA molecules; consultation and training regarding occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens; distribution, collection and destruction of s

University of Pittsburgh: Biological Safety
United States

The Biosafety Program at the University of Pittsburgh provides guidance for faculty, staff, and students who work with biological agents to maintain a safe and healthy working environment, including: identification of biological materials being used; evaluation of the usage procedures for the potential to result in personnel exposure or environmental contamination; Design of policies and programs to eliminate exposure or contamination, and; revie

American Biological Safety Association (ABSA)
United States

At the website of the American Biological Safety Association, you can find information about the ABSA Annual Conference, ABSA Review Course, Principles and Practices of Biosafety Course and other educational offerings. There is also extensive information about ABSA's two credentials, the Certified Biological Safety Professional (CBSP) credential, and the Registered Biosafety Professional (RBP) credential. The site also contains important biosafet


The African Biological safety Association (AfBSA) is a non-governmental, non-political, non-sectarian and non-profit making through which its members shall work, co-operate and collaborate with one or each other, or with other associations, scientific or health organizations, institutions or individuals throughout Africa or elsewhere in the world. Objectives of AfBSA: To promote Biosafety and Biosecurity as scientific disciplines in Africa

Biological Safety Association of Pakistan (BSAP)

Biological Safety Association of Pakistan - (BSAP) is a non- profit organization that is an affiliate of PSM, the leader in the profession of biological safety which was established in 1974. As a result of various International Biosafety and Biosecurity Training Programs, organized during SIBC- 2007, National Hands-on Training Workshop in Islamabad and later in Karachi and Atlanta- USA under the auspices of Pakistan Society for Microbiology (PSM)