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Mueller indictment shows the evolution of Kremlin political warfare - Axios

Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow's Red Square. Photo: Mikhail Metzel / TASS via Getty Images. Robert Mueller's indictment against 13 Russians involved with the St. Petersburg–based Internet Research Agency (IRA) reveals that the organization ...

Programming a DNA Clock - Scientific American

Scientific American
Nature is a master at constructing biological machines and circuits, including the ones that maintain the body's internal clock, copy genes or help cells move. Now human engineers are learning to design and synthesize novel biochemical devices such as ...

Researchers discover new weakness in sleeping sickness parasites -
Trypanosomes are single-celled parasites that cause diseases such as human African sleeping sickness and Nagana in animals. But they are also used in basic research as a model system to study fundamental biological questions. Researchers of the ...

Biological Warfare and the Coevolutionary Arms Race

Berkeley - United States

The rough-skinned newt looks harmless enought but is, in fact, packed full of one of the most potent neurotoxins known to man. Find out how an evolutionary arms race has pushed these mild-mannered critters to the extremes of toxicity and how evolutionary biologists have unraveled their fascinating story. From Understanding Evolution.

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    Evolution - Coevolution

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    Biological warfare and the coevolutionary arms race

United States

Article from the High Country News discussing the use of the beetle, Diorhabda elongata, to control tamarisk, an invasive riverside shrub.

Introduction to the Rat Race
United Kingdom

Beginner's guide to the care of rats as pets, as well as a history of fancy rats and ship rats. Includes photographs and health care tips.

Race for the Big Cats
United States

Helps endangered cats by raising money for the Wildlife Conservation Society at no cost to you.

Great Turtle Race, The
United States

Follow 11 leatherback sea turtles on their journey from Costa Rica to the Galapagos. Cheer on your favorite and see how you can help these endangered animals.

Race Horses of the Sky
United States

Introduction to homing pigeon racing and breeding.

Race Rocks Marine Protected Area
United States

Live streaming video and video archive highlight the ecosystem of this site of Canada's first Marine Protected Area.

New Scientist: Dawn of Human Race Uncovered
United Kingdom

The discovery of three Ethiopian skulls from 160,000 years ago, showing almost completely modern features, lends new support to the Out-of-Africa hypothesis. Includes information about handling of skulls after death and dating techniques used.

On Einstein, Bees, and Survival of the Human Race
United States

Article by Keith S. Delaplane first appearing in the newsletter of the British Bee Keepers Association.

United States

From Dr E's Social Science Webzine.

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