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Mitochondrial cyclophilin D regulates T cell metabolic responses and disease tolerance to tuberculosis - Science

Since the discovery of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) over a century ago, great progress has been made in defining mechanisms of host resistance to tuberculosis (TB). By contrast, our understanding of how 90 to 95% of infected individuals live with ...

Northwestern receives $10 million grant to fund quantitative biology research - Daily Northwestern

Daily Northwestern
The grant was funded by the National Science Foundation and the Simons Foundation. It will establish the NSF-Simons Center for Quantitative Biology, which will focus on collaborative research in mathematics and molecular, cellular and organismal biology.

"Behave: The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worse" - Public Radio Tulsa

Public Radio Tulsa
The professor of biology and neurology at Stanford University and MacArthur Foundation "Genius Grant" recipient is the author of several books on various aspects of behavior -- and his latest, "Behave: The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worse ...

Biology Century: Speciation

Fort Lauderdale - United States

Covers what a species is, modes of speciation, and rates of speciation.

Biology Century
United States

Presents a summary of knowledge of the Biological Sciences as we enter the 21st century and introduces users to the chemical basis of life, cell mechanisms, DNA, speciation, and other major biological concepts.

Kimball's Biology Pages: Speciation
United States

Outlines to role of geographic isolation, ecological opportunity, hybridization, competition, and adaptive radiation in the formation of new species.

How Molecular Biology Opens up a 21st Century View of Evolution
United States

Transcript of chat with biochemist James Shapiro of the University of Chicago on his concept of "natural genetic engineering" at the cellular level.

Wikipedia: Speciation
United States

Hyperlinked article about the appearance of a new species of life.

Models of Speciation
United States

Historical phenomenon that is a fundamental issue in evolutionary biology.

United States

Review and complete text in pdf format of Evelyn Fox Keller's book.

United Kingdom

This article aims to organise existing data to test the theory that, when a behavior has been established in response to a certain stimulus, novel stimuli resembling the first will usually elicit the same response. [PDF]

Evolution 101: Speciation
United States

Allows readers to explore different ways to define a species and learn about the various processes through which speciation can occur.

Observed Instances of Speciation
United States

FAQ discussing several instances where speciation has been observed.

Species, Speciation, and the Environment
United States

Article by Niles Eldredge outlining how environment change plays a major role in the evolution of species.