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Microbial Ecology Resources' software; this particular item will run simulations of multiple species in a specific environment. Most variables can be manipulated.

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    Ecology - Software

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    Microbial Ecology Resources: Biota

United Kingdom

Conservation and ecological consulting, UK.

Cave Biota
United States

Video clips of cave organisms and interviews with scientists about cave biology, with transcripts in English, Spanish and Chinese

Fig Biota
United States

Bibliography of insects and other animals associated with Ficus (fig) trees.

Bromeliad Biota
United States

Detailed information about animals and plants that depend to some extent on bromeliads as a place in which to live, or as food.

Codes for Australian Aquatic Biota

Species coding system for aquatic organisms in the Australian region. Includes standard English names for Australian fishes.

Biota of North America : ALISMATACEAE
United States

Listing and some notes on distribution and status

NMITA: Neogene Marine Biota of Tropical America
United States

Online biotic database containing images and data for taxa used in analyses of tropical American biodiversity over the past 25 million years.