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The SEED Barn: building pathways between art and ecology - The Weekly Packet

The Weekly Packet
The SEED Barn on Falls Bridge Road combines art and ecology in a creative approach to growing natural habitats for birds, bees and other creatures vital to the ecological cycle of seeds and pollination. Working with local land trusts and schools, the ...

Chimney Rock announces 2018 Naturalist Niche Series - Black Mountain News

Black Mountain News
Spectacular views, amazing trails and sightings of unique flora and fauna are part of Chimney Rock State Park's upcoming Naturalist Niche hikes. Registered participants can explore the park's plants, wildlife, birds, geology and other natural wonders ...

Chadakoin River Walk Begins Wednesday - Jamestown Post Journal

Jamestown Post Journal
Twan Leenders, Roger Tory Peterson Institute president, and other area naturalists will walk through the Chadakoin River outlet forest to discover birds, turtles, wildflowers, and other flora and fauna that call Jamestown home starting Wednesday. The ...

Country Ecology: Cooper's hawk - Conway Daily Sun

Conway Daily Sun
I have yet to see a Cooper's hawk here. This slate-gray, crow-sized hawk has been scarce for me since my boyhood. What we commonly see jumping birds at the feeding station is the smaller sharp-shinned hawk. Audubon Society of New Hampshire reports the ...

Ecological pioneers topic of book - News - The Ledger - Lakeland, FL - The Ledger

The Ledger
I've been to many remote spots in Florida over the years in pursuit of interesting birds, butterflies and wildflowers.But even when I saw no one else most of the time during some of my forays, I was sure of one thing.I certainly was not the first ...

Bird fossil sheds light on avian evolution - The Hindu

The Hindu
“The evolutionary diversification of birds has resulted in a wide range of hatchling developmental strategies and important differences in their growth rates,” said Fabien Knoll from the University of Manchester. “By analysing bone development we can ...

Modeling Storm Evolution - Eos

Just like people are often divided into two opposing categories—early birds and night owls, introverts and extroverts—meteorologists designate two main types of storms. Storms that form through organized convection are long-lived, cover a large area ...


U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Birds, Birds, Birds
United States

Protects and enhances the populations and habitat of more than 800 species of birds that spend all or part of ...

All About Birds
United States

General information source about birds. Includes fun facts, bird jokes, common questions, and other resources.

Amazing World of Birds: Extinction in Birds
United States

Notes on recently extinct birds including the dodos, Hawaiian Drepanididae, Passenger Pigeon, Great Auk, and others.

A Field Guide to the Birds on the Web
United States

Links to pictures, sounds, and video of the birds of the world, systematically indexed.

NATURE: Extraordinary Birds
United States

Reveals some of the astonishing abilities that birds possess.

Birds & Blooms
United States

Features birds & Blooms, the American magazine about birds, gardens, and butterflies. Includes articles, photos, and more.

Birds Australia (BA)

We are a national organisation working for the conservation and protection of Australia's native birds and their habitats. There are ...

Göteborgs Ornitologiska Förening

Purpose is to protect and investigate birdlife, spread knowledge about birds, and stimulate interest in wild birds. In Swedish and ...

Brief Guide to Common Birds
United States

Voices of some of the most widespread and common birds in North America.

Birds in Backyards
United States

birds in Backyards is an Australian research, education, and conservation program focusing on birds and the urban environment.

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities - The Raptor Center
United States

International medical facility for birds of prey. Provides information about birds of prey, endangered/threatened birds, and related environmental issues.

Indian Birds

Information on birds and mammals of India. Includes articles, birding hotspots, trip report, and photogallery.

United Kingdom

Promotes conservation of birds of prey through education, captive breeding, and research.

United States

Reports about rare and newly-described birds around the world, plus discussion board and trip advice.

Urban Birds
United States

Article discussing how birds have adapted to urban foraging amid the artificial concrete and steel ecosystems of cities.

Birds Wiki
United States

Online field guide that invites readers to add to and edit.

Flight in Birds
United States

How do birds fly? An introduction to flight in birds examining wing shape, airflows, flapping flight and gliding.

South Bay Bird Society
United States

Educating the general public and members on the health, well-being, longevity, and stability of companion birds and those living in ...


Ornithologists at the Max Planck Society demonstrate that urban birds are more resistant to acute stress than forest dwelling birds. ...

Crows and Ravens: Birds of Mystery and Intrigue
United States

Focuses on the intelligence and myths surrounding these birds.

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