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Lectins help social amoeba establish their own microbiome - Baylor College of Medicine News (press release)

Baylor College of Medicine News (press release)
... the amoebas get stressed and respond by getting together, forming first a slug and then a fruiting body consisting of a ball of spores balanced atop a dead stalk,” said corresponding author Dr. Adam Kuspa, professor of biochemistry and molecular ...

Researchers Discover Why Sepsis From a Staph Infection Causes Organ Failure - Infection Control Today

Infection Control Today
"Once you understand exactly how an infection is impacting the body, you can target treatments to mitigate the infection so that the body can begin to heal," says Paul Kubes, PhD, a professor in the Department of Physiology & Pharmacology and director ...

Fat production and burning are synchronized in livers of mice with obesity - Medical Xpress

Medical Xpress
The circadian rhythms that fat creation and burning follow are physiological processes that occur with about every 24 hours. At the molecular level, these cycles involve feedback loops of core clock proteins expressed in virtually every cell of the body.

Healing Mind and Body through Botany at Puerto Viejo de Limón - The Costa Rica News

The Costa Rica News
It is interesting to know that there are specialists in the field of botany, whose main objective is to teach others to describe, classify, and identify everything related to the environment. “Afro-botanic” is a group made up of people who teach how to ...

Metabolomics in Pharmacology -
Metabolomics is the holistic study of metabolism. The application of metabolomics in pharmacology gives rise to a new field called “pharmacometabolomics.” The basic tenet of pharmacometabolomics is to determine the effects of drug treatment on the body ...

Style Anatomy: Maryam Raja - The Express Tribune

The Express Tribune
Style savvy PR Executive at Lotus PR, Maryam Raja is no stranger to fashion. From her fashion do's and don'ts to her favourite wardrobe staples, she breaks down her style for us! Understanding your body is the key to looking good and a trait found ...

Memoir 'Cancerland' Illuminates Stories Of Hope, Loss And Life With The Disease - WBUR

The revolutionary ability to understand the body and diseases at the level of molecules, molecular biology, was just beginning. Figuring out how things work at a fundamental level, such as individual molecules and cells, was just electrifying. I didn't ...

Body Donation For Plastination

Body Worlds

body Worlds is the original anatomical exhibition series displaying authentic human bodies, willed by donors through the Institute for plastination's ...

wisegeek: Plastination Definition
United States

plastination is a scientific process used to preserve the anatomy of a human or animal. In plastination, the water and ...

Amazing Bodies: Plastination

plastination is an innovative process developed in 1977 by German doctor, Gunther von Hagens. Natural body fluids and fats are ...

Arizona Plastination Arts
United States

Recognizing a need for plastinated specimens in educational curriculum, and taking into account just how few plastination laboratories there are ...

Gubener Plastinate GmbH

Dr. Gunther von Hagens, inventor of plastination and creator of the body WORLDS exhibitions founded Gubner Plastinate GmbH to fulfill ...

Journal of Plastination
United States

The International Society for plastination was founded in 1986 during the Third International Conference on plastination held in San Antonio, ...

International Society for Plastination (ISP)
United States

The International Society for plastination was founded in 1986 during the Third International Conference on plastination held in San Antonio, ...

Institut für Plastination

Provides information on the preservation process, the body Worlds (K?rperwelten) exhibit of artistically plastinated human bodies, and quotes from body ...

University of British Columbia

Faculty, student, and contact information, with access to a bulletin board of notes, news, and awards announcements.

Museum of Science and Industry - Plastination
United States

Human beings have been trying to see inside the body for thousands of years. Our fascination with anatomy goes back ...

HC BIOVISION - Plastination

plastination and anatomical preparation, plastinated anatomy specimens, trial plastinates, scientific preparation, anatomy art, vhorst photographs, custom made specimens, projects and ...

Plastination at Vienna University Austria

Dr. Sora`s plastination program at Vienna University, Homepage of the plastination Laboratory, a human anatomy atlas based on plastinated specimens.

Autos For Animals
United States

Takes tax-deductible donations of old cars and distributes the proceeds to a variety of nonprofit animal organizations.

United States

The Human body: A Telecollaborative Project for St. Mary's Grade 2 Class with Mrs. Vaage and Mrs. Nugent. We welcome ...

Plastination at Vienna University Austria

Human anatomy atlas based on plastinated specimens.

Human Body Resources for Teachers
United States

Explore our website, and Browse human body printables, lessons, and references to find great cross-curricular teaching resources on the immune ...

Look Inside the Human Body, A
United States

Designed to help children learn about how our body works, it takes a look at four of the major body ...

Mighty Mutts
United States

Nonprofit, no-kill shelter dedicated to rescuing and finding permanent, loving homes for lost and stray dogs and cats.

Plastination of Anatomical Materials
United States

plastination is a process of preserving organic material. Water and fat in tissue are replaced with silicone in a process ...

Bodies The Exhibitions
United States

Since the earliest efforts of ancient Egyptians to distinguish individual organs, humankind has been fascinated with uncovering the secrets of ...

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