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Here's What Makes Novichok, Russia's Nerve Poison of Choice, Especially Sinister - Daily Beast

Daily Beast
By William Atchison, Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Michigan State University. Novichok, or “newcomer” in Russian, refers not to a single chemical but rather a group of related molecules designed for only one purpose: to kill. Soviet ...

Healthy brain: MRI scans our indulgences -
But, a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) study shows that our penchant for such food choice may not be a potentially character flaw but could be down to our neurobiology. Hilke Plassmann of INSEAD (Institut Européen d'Administration des Affaires), ...

Botanic Choice

Hobart, Indiana - United States

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Random Variations to Biological Choice
United States

Philosophical speculations on physics and biology.

Aburi Botanic Gardens
United Kingdom

Facility in Ghana aiming to promote plant diversity through research, horticultural training, cultivation and introduction of endangered plants, and management of natural resources. Summary information, map, and history.

Andromeda Botanic Gardens

Located in Barbados. Over 600 tropical species on 6 acres. Overview of the gardens, plants and a photo gallery.

Prague Botanic Garden
Czech Republic

Details on the Japanese, perennial, bulbous, alpine, heath, Mediterranean, Iris and viticulture gardens, as well as hours, admission and transportation options.

Tallinn Botanic Garden

Provides news, information and photo gallery for visitors about the collections, exhibitions and research. Tallinn, Estonia.

Devonian Botanic Garden

Includes a Japanese garden, floral gardens and a collection of native and alpine plants. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden
United States

Offers news, virtual tour, programs, events, articles, shopping, research, and information for visitors. New York.

Denver Botanic Gardens
United States

Offers garden directory, hours and admissions, exhibits and tours, botanical information and growing guide, and special events. Denver, Colorado, USA.

Memphis Botanic Garden
United States

Includes information on the gardens, education, events, and more.

Devonian Botanic Garden

Butterflies, events, wetland ecology at the University of Alberta.