Biology News
Dr Peter Wilkie: Botanic Garden fighting to save the rainforest from the scorched earth of human activity - The Scotsman

The Scotsman
Recognised as a major provider of biodiversity expertise, the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE) has been invited this month to join a workshop in Indonesia hosted by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). The task: to develop a programme ...

Food Explorer Brought Hundreds Of Immigrant Plants To America ... - NPR

In the early 20th century, botanist David Fairchild traveled the world and brought plants back to the U.S. that we now see as thoroughly American. NPR talks with the author of a book on Fairchild.

'The Food Explorer': The intrepid botanist who brought avocados and more to our shores - USA TODAY

When the realization sinks in that avocados, hummus, even Egyptian cotton exist in America because of crafty botanical espionage, one naturally questions who's responsible — and how he landed the job. The country's first and most prominent plant spy ...

Botanist Lawn & Garden

Southampton, New York - United States

Our attention to detail and commitment to exceptional customer service sets us apart from other landscape specialists. We recognize your property is an important investment and that proper landscape management and maintenance enhances its value. As a "hands on" owner/operator Tomasz Gibas and his staff have been servicing clients on Eastern Long Island since 2001. We take pride in the quality of our work and we treat your property as if it were our own.

Botanist Lawn and Garden offers a comprehensive maintenance program individually tailored to each landscape and owner. Our goal is to achieve optimal customer satisfaction while accommodating the level of involvement each client desires. Some owners may wish to participate in the process while others prefer to simply admire our achievements and landscape solutions. Our maintenance options allow customers to select and pay for only those services that they require.

These choices include the following for all types of gardens:
* Lawn maintenance
* Lawn renovations and plantings
* Fertilization and weed control
* Edging and mulching
* Hedge and schrub trimming
* Plant fertilization
* Annuals, perennials and bulbs
* Spring and Fall clean ups

Lawn Mushrooms

Information on a number of species of fungi that may be found growing on the lawn.

Soliva pterosperma: Lawn Burweed
United States

Several photographs of this plant.

Controlling Moles In The Home Lawn
United States

Includes control and use of traps. From Ohio State University Extension Fact Sheet.

Terrestrial Amphipods: Lawn Shrimp
United States

Photographs and description of this crustacean, with information on its distribution, life cycle, habits and management.

Dokmai Garden : Chiang Mai Botanical Garden

Dokmai Garden is a private Chiang Mai botanical garden, providing a gateway to the understanding of the nature and culture of northern Thailand. The Thai family Seehamongkol live in this private 4 hectare (10 acres) botanical garden. After the introduction you get from us we believe you will be better prepared to understand other Thai gardens, local food markets and the nearby national parks where thorough information and English and scientific n

Flies in my Garden

Photographs and information about flies found in a garden in the Netherlands.

Bartram's Garden
United States

America's oldest living botanical garden features an 18th century farmstead, native plants, wildflower meadow, and wetland.

Our Rose Garden
United States

The University of Illinois Extension presents the history of roses as well as site selection, planting, pruning, pest control, and watering.

Missouri Botanical Garden
United States

Located on a 79 acre site in St. Louis, the Missouri Botanical Garden is world-renowned for its fundamental botanical research, horticultural display and education programs.

Naples Botanical Garden
United States

The garden will showcase an extensive collection of subtropical and tropical plants from countries as near as Cuba and as far as Indonesia, ranging from desert to rainforests. Naples, Florida.