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Molecular biology could hold the key to detect and deter widespread seafood fraud -
For those so inclined to act on that temptation, there are opportunities up and down the supply chain, the incredible complexity of which appears to offer the perfect cover for nefarious activities, Elliott acknowledged. However, he added, quickly ...

Graduate student's research leads to cell biology breakthrough - Texas A&M The Battalion

Texas A&M The Battalion
Through collaboration between two Texas A&M laboratories, one graduate student's proof-of-concept came to life, showing that nanofactories can be used to protect enzymes and cells from damages for over a week. The study, recently published online, saw ...

Cell biology: Scientists fill in a piece of the copper transport puzzle - Science Daily

Science Daily
Cell biology: Scientists fill in a piece of the copper transport puzzle. Date: February 14, 2018; Source: American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Summary: Researchers have identified the protein that carries copper into mitochondria ...

College Installs Virtual Cadaver For Biology Classes - CBS Detroit

CBS Detroit
DEARBORN, Mich. (AP) – A Detroit-area college will use a virtual cadaver to teach students how to perform human dissections. The biology department at Henry Ford College in Dearborn will use an Anatomage Table as part of its curriculum for the winter ...
The Seattle Times

molecular biology - Hackaday

But if you're at all interested in the processes of modern molecular biology, make sure you watch the whole thing. The basic idea here is to create an innocuous virus that carries the lac gene, which encodes the enzyme β-galactosidase, or lactase, and ...

Botany - Botanists

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Botany - Botanists [ 41-60 of 62]
Botany Encyclopedia
United States

Includes a botanical dictionary, advice for gardeners, and a store selling plants.

Bioversity International

Provides information, publications and news on a range of subjects including agricultural ecosystems, genebanks, germplasm collection, crop wild relatives and ...

Agriculture Knowledgebase
United States

Source for information on topics related to agriculture, biotechnology and allied areas including plant breeding, genetics, seed technology and tissue ... Botany
United States

A page of links and articles.


Has research interests in the ecophysiology of arid, semiarid and boreal forest.

Will Cook
United States

Research Associate at Duke University. Includes listings and a key, with photographs, of trees in North Carolina.

Thomas Croat
United States

Missouri Botanical Garden curator and researcher, an expert collector and describer of neotropical araceae or aroids.

Ranjit K Mitra
United States

CV with academic qualifications and publications.

Plant Explorers
United States

Biographies of famous, and not so famous, explorers and plant explorers, with information from botanical gardens and plant clubs around ...

Pieter B. Pelser
United States

Postdoctoral researcher in plant systematics, studying the phylogeny of Senecioneae.

Martin Hodson
United Kingdom

Environmental Biology at Oxford Brookes University, UK. Main research interests are plant mineral relations, particularly aluminium toxicity and silica deposition.


Researcher at Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse, France, studying aroid pollination by bees, beetles, and flies and the roles played ...

Hajiev, Vahid Jalal oglu

Professor of biology at the Institute of Botany of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. Results of research activities have presented.

Folkard Asch

Plant physiologist; professor for crop water stress management in the tropics and subtropics at the University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany. ...

Everard Edwards

Plant ecophysiologist working on global change effects on plants. Information on research, publications, and links.

Donoghue Lab
United States

Michael Donoghue's phylogenetic biology lab. Provides information on the people, projects and publications.

Christy Carter
United States

A Ph.D. student in plant ecology at Ohio University, studies halophytes (plants that grow in saline areas).

Axel Dalberg Poulsen
United States

Axel Dalberg Poulsen is a Danish botanist who works on tropical plants, particularly Etlingera (Ginger) species from Borneo.

Andrzej Urbisz

Research in the Department of Plant Systematics, Silesian University, Poland.

Alvin W. Chapman
United States

About his visits to Floyd County in Northwest Georgia, and his botanical collections.

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Botany - Botanists [ 41-60 of 62]