Brahea dulcis

Catania - Italy

Photographs of mature trees, and fruit clusters.


Photographs and information on a number of species.

Spondia dulcis
United States

Photograph of fruits of Ambarella or Golden Apple, with information on its uses and cultivation, and links to related species.


Photograph, classification, diagnostic features, habitat and distribution of sweet spurge.

Lippia dulcis
United States

General information and classification.


Photograph, diagnostic features, habitat and distribution of the almond.

Prunus dulcis: The Almond
United States

Research project by Jennifer Stepaniak at the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse.

Scoparia dulcis: Vassourinha
United States

Description and several photographs of this annual herb, with information on its herbal properties, uses in traditional medicine, the chemicals it contains, its biological activities, clinical research and its current uses.

Prunus dulcis (Common Almond)
South Africa

Photographs and information on this tree, its domestication and uses.