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CSM, marine lab team up for 'Tiny Bubbles' program -
I've been on the water all my life, but nothing like this,” CSM student Brittany Clark of Prince Frederick said in between assisting with the sampling, adding that she is aiming for a career as a marine biologist so she can participate in coral reef ...

Brittany*s Polydactyl Kittens

United States

Persian/Siamese Polydactyl Cattery site, includes photos and genetics of polydactyly.

American Polydactyl
United States

Overview of the breed, also known as Hemingway cat or mitten cat, with plenty of photographs.

American Brittany Rescue
United States

Devoted to finding good homes for healthy Brittanys who need them. Learn all about these active, playful, lovable dogs.

My Munchkin Polydactyl Cat - Marshmallow
United States

Personal page about a 21 clawed Polydactyl Munchkin. Includes pictures, notes, polydactyly information and tips.

United Kingdom

A community which aims to make a positive contribution to the preservation, promotion and protection of the Maine Coon Polydactyl.

Mid-Atlantic Brittany Rescue
United States

With information about rescue, available dogs, fostering, donations, and purchasing Brittany items to support rescue efforts.

Indian Nations Brittany Club
United States

Birddog club for Brittany Spaniel owners and enthusiasts.

Tom Thumb Six Toed Polydactyl Cat
United States

Photos of 11 year old orange tabby with six toes on his front paws.

International French Brittany Club of America
United States

Dedicated to ethical breeding and business practices.

United States

Simply a collection of kitten photographs -- find images of kittens romping through meadows or sleeping snugly indoors.

Cats 'n' Kittens
Czech Republic

Showcases funny pictures, free cat graphics, facts, poems, and humor. Polish version available.