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Natural barcodes enable better cell tracking - Harvard Gazette

Harvard Gazette
Additional authors of the paper include Ying Kai Chan, research scientist at the Wyss Institute; Daniel Goodman, a former graduate student at the Wyss Institute and HMS who is currently a Jane Coffin Childs Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of ...

Physiology department ranked third in national fundraising | Daily ... - Daily Trojan Online

Daily Trojan Online
The department of physiology and biology at the USC Keck School of Medicine was recently ranked third in national researching funding, according to the Blue Ridge Institute. The National Institute of Health contributed $16 million last year. Photo ...

For the first time ever, scientists can see cells moving inside live animals - Mother Nature Network

Mother Nature Network
"This raises the nagging doubt that we are not seeing cells in their native state, happily ensconced in the organism in which they evolved,” says lead author Eric Betzig, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, in a ...

Broad Institute

Cambridge, Massachusetts - United States

Today, we TRAP single types of neurons, choreograph a dance of data, and decipher the genome of an ancient pest. We also look toward the future of psychiatric research at the Broad. Be it scientific data, analytical tools, or even a job, we hope you find something of interest at the unique place.

Broad Institute
United States

A collaboration of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. Focused on genetic research in the areas of cancer, genome biology, human disease and computational biology.

Broad Institute: Software
United States

Scientists at the Broad Institute have developed a range of software tools for the analysis of increasingly large genome-related datasets. These are openly available to the scientific community.

Broad Institute Genetics Software
United States

Offers a wide range of software for genome sequence analysis, genetic variation, linkage analysis, expression analysis, and PCR primer selection.

Broad Horizon Photos
United Kingdom

Broad Horizon Photos by Philip Goddard. A Resource of High Grade Images of Nature, Wild Scenery and other 'Great Outdoors' subjects. It is a Free Resource for appropriate organizations.

Polyphagotarsonemus latus: Broad Mite
United States

Provides illustrations and a description of this mite, with information on its distribution, biology, hosts, economic importance, detection and management.

Broad-billed Hummingbird: Cynanthus latirostris
United States

Photographs, identification tips, and a taxonomy chart for this species.

Broad-tailed Hummingbird: Selasphorus platycercus
United States

Photograph of adult male, sound file, description, range and status.

Broad-billed Roller, Eurystomus glaucurus
United Kingdom

Photograph and information on this bird and its distribution in Africa.

Broad-faced Potoroo: Potorous platyops
United States

Information on this species, last recorded alive in 1875.

Broad-winged Hawk (Buteo platypterus)
United States

Contains species information provided by the USGS.