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Flora and fauna of Vadnais Lake - Press Pubs

Press Pubs
Numerous flora and fauna were spotted along the shores of Vadnais Lake in Vadnais-Snail Lakes Regional Park on a June afternoon. The lake is home to wild iris of the Southern Blueflag variety. The flower is one of two irises native to Minnesota.

Free for All: The Five Best Free Events This Week - Westword

Spend the Centennial State's 142nd anniversary at Barr Lake State Park, admiring the flora and fauna at the Colorado Day BioBlitz. Presented in coordination with Anythink Libraries' Backyard Wilderness exhibition at Wright Farms, as BioBlitz you can ...

Petrak: Day at the beach a lesson in geology, ecology and human ... - Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune
Columnist Lynn Petrak reflects on lessons learned on the beaches of Lake Michigan, mostly patience and love of nature.

Buena Vista Lake Shrew, Sorex ornatus relictus

Denver - United States

Species account for this endangered species found in San Joaquin Valley and Tulare Basin marshlands in California.

Common Shrew: Sorex araneus
United States

Information from ARKive including images and videos.

Pygmy Shrew: Sorex minutus
United States

Information from ARKive including photographs.

Vista tools
United States

Multiple sequence alignment server and whole genome alignment database.

Alta Vista Botanical Gardens
United States

Community botanical garden of the world's rarest and most unusual plants in themed environments, bringing together art, people, and nature. City of Vista, California.

Monte Vista Crane Festival
United States

Held in early March, the annual festival marks the Sandhill Cranes' return to Colorado's Valley of the Cranes.

Tremarctos ornatus
United States

Article about the Spectacled Bear from Animal Diversity Web.

Orectolobus ornatus

Description and photos of the shark also know as the Carpet Shark and Ornate Wobbegong.

Andean Bear (Tremarctos ornatus)
United States

Describes the habitat, special adaptations, range, reproduction, and diet of this species. Includes a photo.

Spectacled Bear (Tremarctos ornatus)
United States

Information about this South American species, including physical appearance, geographical range (with map), habitat, habits, and captive breeding efforts.

United States

A description of this species, also known as the short faced bear, and information on its life cycle, range, habitat and diet.