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UN biodiversity report paints bleak picture - Arkansas Online

Arkansas Online
The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem was about more than just critters, said study team Chairman Robert Watson. It is about keeping Earth livable for humans, because we rely on biodiversity for food, clean water ...
CBS News
Santa Fe New Mexican

Botany College students stranded at Whitford - Times Online - Auckland

Times Online - Auckland
Around 40-50 parents of students studying at Botany Downs Secondary College are up in arms over the loss of a bus route. And rightly so, says principal of the college Karen Brinsden. Residents of Whitford were surprised to discover at the beginning of ...

Romanian police order toxicology tests on dead journalist - ABC News - ABC News

ABC News
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Bugnet: Entomology Online

Peterborough - Canada

A college credit entomology course complete with illustrated lecture notes, interactive assignments and evaluations.

General Entomology
United States

Detailed course notes, insect data and syllabus from a class taught by John Meyer of North Carolina State University.

United States

Guide to online insect resources from North Carolina State University.

Texas Entomology
United States

Complied by Mike Quinn, this site features extensive links to general entomology and Lepidoptera-specific resources.

Urban Entomology
United States

Online book written by Walter Ebeling that discusses arthropod pests in the urban environment and in the home.

United Kingdom

Video by entomologist Martin Hall from the Natural History Museum on this fast growing aspect of forensic science.

Forensic Entomology
United States

Introduction to the use of insects in cases of death and in other legal investigations.

CSIRO Entomology

Branch of the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization that researches insects. Headquarters in Canberra.

United Kingdom

Research at the National Resources Institute includes work on a wide range of insect pests including vectors, ectoparasites and nuisance pests.

Rose Entomology
United States

Entomological equipment and supplies.

Institute of Entomology
Czech Republic

Undertakes basic and applied research including the areas where insects serve as suitable models for the solution of general biological problems.