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Greenbelt Land Trust hosting pair of nature walks - Corvallis Gazette Times

Corvallis Gazette Times
On Sunday from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Greenbelt naturalist Don Boucher offers a morning walk at Bald Hill Farm, featuring flora and fauna along the trails, mid-summer wildflowers, butterflies, birds and reptiles. No registration is necessary. Meeting place ...

Butterflies in Manila: A symbol of hope for urban biodiversity - Business Mirror

Business Mirror
Butterflies are valuable parts of biodiversity, or urban biodiversity in the case of Manila, said wildlife expert Josefina de Leon, the chief of the Wildlife Resources Division of the Biodiversity Management Bureau (BMB). In an interview on June 25, de ...


Utah Lepidopterists' Society
United States

Dedicated to the study of butterflies and moths, especially of Utah.

Utah Lepidopterists' Society
United States

Showcases meeting schedule, articles, checklists, bulletin board, species data for kids and links.

European Butterflies and Moths

Online database, all European butterflies and Moths, few thousands of pictures, galleries, advanced search engine.

David Bell's Butterflies and Moths

butterflies and moths of central Ontario, Canada. Observation techniques, mimicry, life cycles, changing distribution, photos, and links.

Butterfly Mimicry or Protective Colouration

Looks at butterflies' ability to appear to be or to imitate something other than what they really are.

United States

Photographs and information about almost all of the common species of butterflies in Georgia, USA with some photos of butterflies ...

Heliconius Butterflies

Checklist of Longwing butterflies of the Neotropics. Some photos included.

Butterflies of Ecuador
United Kingdom

Past and current research on Ecuadorian butterflies.

Butterflies of North America
United States

Hundreds of photos, descriptions, and Latin names for butterflies across the United States. Searchable by state. From the USGS.

David's Butterflies and Moths

Learn about the life cycle, mimicry adaptations, and anatomy of Ontario's beautiful winged inhabitants.

Enchanted Learning: Butterflies
United States

With life cycle info, anatomy, photos, and more.

International Butterfly Breeders Association
United States

Promoting high standards of ethics, competence and professionalism in the breeding of quality Lepidoptera for all purposes.

Check List of Butterflies in Indo-China, A

Information about Indo-Chinese butterflies, chiefly from Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam.

Butterflies: On the Wings of Freedom

Provides much general information on the life, structure and behavior of a butterfly.

United States

Blog for enthusiasts who want to share photographs and information on butterflies found in the Indian region.

Butterflies in Thailand
United States

Offers photos and a checklist of butterflies in Thailand as well as information on general butterfly biology.

Butterflies and Moths

Notes on the biology and ecology of butterflies and moths, with some photographs by Jeroen Voogd.

European Butterflies
United States

Photographs of European butterflies, taken in the wild nature by various photographers. In German with some English.

Moths and Butterflies of Europe

A large photo gallery of European moths and butterflies, including larvae and pupae.

Butterflies and Dragonflies of Sri Lanka

Information about butterflies, dragonflies, and other insects in Sri Lanka and their ecology.

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