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Forest Park and off-road cycling: Letter to the editor -
The biggest problem is teaching the wildlife which days they get the trails. My concern about the off-road cycling community is that a great many bike riders show little or no understanding or awareness of the danger and disruption their sport causes ...

Finches from remote corners of New Guinea help solve an evolutionary puzzle - Phys.Org

Michael Sorenson, a professor of biology, explains that the birds are an evolutionary anomaly: Despite their striking coloration differences, all 11 species are extremely closely related, suggesting that they evolved quickly and recently ...

Science Pick of the Week: UO undergrad is using social media to create more constructive dialogue about ocean ... - Oregon Daily Emerald

Oregon Daily Emerald
If she had it her way, Ellie Jones would have started campaigning for ocean life 30 years ago. The only problem: she was not born yet. Jones, a junior marine biology major at the University of Oregon, is the creator and administrator of Everblue, an ...

Can Cryopreservation Solve the Abortion Problem?

Oslo - Norway

A thoughtful article by Thomas Gramstad which examines the social implications of preserving aborted embryos. From Longevity Report.

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    Cryobiology - Cryonics

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    Can Cryopreservation Solve "The Abortion Problem"?

Problem Behaviors in Cats
United States

Addresses problem behaviors in cats with suggested remedies.

Eukaryotic Gene Expression Problem Set
United States

Multiple choice questions about post-transcriptional modification of RNA, promoters, and nuclear RNA processing. From: University of Arizona, USA 1997.

Cryopreservation Research
United States

Research on trehalose and cryopreservation at University of Wisconsin, Molecular Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics Group. Click on "Research." Includes a link to their nanolithography program.

BioPreservation, Inc. - Cryopreservation Services
United States

A series of technical papers on cryopreservation research.

United States

A detailed introduction to cell preservation technology from Nalgene Nunc. PDF file (249K)

Asymptote Cool Guide to Cryopreservation

Manual of the general principles of cryobiology, especially regarding the preservation of sperm and embryos. Detailed but accessible to the educated layman. [PDF]

NYU Fertility Center - Cryopreservation of Eggs, Sperm and Embryos
United States

As egg freezing technology improves, it may also be used by patients who are undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment. Women who produce many excess eggs may eventually be able to elect to freeze their eggs unfertilized, rather than freezing fertilized embryos. Our lab is equipped with the latest technology for cryopreservation and storage, and we were one of the first clinics in New York City to establish an Egg Freezing Program for