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My Evolution: Three Dogs at Night - ChicagoNow (blog)

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Evolution. Darwin promoted it, science supports it, and even some politicians believe in it. And as the world around has evolved, so has my relationship to the height of evolution, the canine. Slowly, over time, I have learned to...accept. I was raised ...

Canine Cryobank

San Diego - United States

Cryopreservation of dog semen for breeding, and of cells for possible future cloning. In San Marcos, California.

California Cryobank
United States

Tissue bank for sperm and embryo storage in Los Angeles and Palo Alto, California, and in Cambridge MA. Umbilical cord blood storage in Santa Monica, California.

California Cryobank: Stem Cell Services
United States

Provides stem cell banking and processing services for umbilical cord and periphery blood stem cells for individual and institutional clients.

Canine Reproduction
United States

A five-part series on the canine reproductive cycle, from estrus to delivery. Includes information on whelping, pregnancy, complications, fertility, and more.

Canine Gallery
United States

Features pictures of dogs organized by breed.

Canine Chronicle, The
United States

Offers editorial about shows, feature articles, statistics, community, and top 20 dogs.

Citizen Canine
United States

Dog-activist network seeking fair, unharassed access to Victoria-area public parks for licensed leashed and unleashed dogs and their owners.

Canine Leptospirosis
United States

Explains how the disease affects dogs and the uses and limits of vaccination.

United States

Collection of articles on canine allergies.

Canine Epilepsy
United States

Details on seizures, diagnosis, treatment, alternative therapies, and more.

Canine Genetics Resources
United States

Features genetic studies and reference resources. Includes a bare bones introduction to genetics and a canine genetic primer.