Berlin - Germany

Functional isolation of proteins made simple. caprotec bioanalytics GmbH has developed a ground-breaking, proprietary technology to reduce the complexity of protein mixtures and samples in a targeted and directed manner. caprotec's Capture Compound Mass Spectrometry (CCMS) Technology is based on multifunctional small molecules (Capture Compounds) that are used to target, capture, and isolate proteins based on their functionality. For many applications, CCMS is clearly superior to shotgun approaches - thus addressing an unmet need in the proteomics community. The technology is complementary to the most frequently used analytical tools in proteomics research, gel electrophoresis and affinity chromatography. caprotec is commercializing the CCMS technology as kits for research applications and in the form of collaborations for drug development. The focus in collaborative projects is on mechanisms of drug action and avoidance of toxicological effects of small molecule drugs. caprotec, founded by scientist and entrepreneur Prof. Dr. Hubert Koester, received initial financing in 2007 and moved into the headquarters in Berlin Adlershof in January 2008. The Adlershof facilities include office, laboratory and manufacturing space.

Caprotec Bioanalytics GmbH

Supplies reagents and kits based on multifunctional small molecules that are used to target, capture, and isolate proteins from biological samples. It also offers the synthesis of customized capture compounds.