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Master gardener to speak on the 'Father of American Botany' at Clinton Library - New Jersey Hills

New Jersey Hills
Bartram was a Pennsylvania farmer during the early 1700s who taught himself botany and explored wilderness areas from Lake Ontario to Florida, seeding plants native to the then new colonies. Bartram's endeavors led to a transformation of English ...

The Exquisite 19th-Century Infographics That Explained the History of the Natural World - Slate Magazine (blog)

Slate Magazine (blog)
The scientific names of subterranean and terrestrial plants are placed at their exact elevations, along with further data about everything from zoological life to temperature. As Humboldt related in his first travelogue, with this map he aimed to ...

Environmental issues in India Biodiversity - The Hans India

The Hans India
Biodiversity is a term given to the variety of life on Earth. It is the variety within and between all species of plants, animals and micro-organisms and the ecosystems within which they live and interact. In simple terms the land, air and sea are home ...

Carnivorous Plants/Insectivorous Plants

Santa Barbara - United States

Features colorful fact sheets from the Botanical Society of America. Learn about carnivorous plant species bizarre adaptations to low-nutrient environments and thier various stratiges for capturing thier incet prey.

United States

Rainbow Plant, Australian Pitcher Plant, Cobra Lilly, Venus Flytrap, Sundews, Tropical Pitcher Plants, Butterworts, Trumpet Pitcher Plants species descriptions and cultivation guide.

Carnivorous Plants and their Habitats

List of the 86 species of Nepenthes, with photos of many wild plants.

Carnivorous Plants and Their Habitats

Find photographs of carnivorous plant species in their natural habitats.

United States

Contains information about growing carnivorous plants, as well as scientific names, guides to propagation, artificial bogs, and terrariums.

Waltraud's Carnivorous Plants Homepage

Nutrient acquisition by different species of carnivorous plants.

United States

Information on the Sundews and Pitcher Plants that grow in the wet tropics of Australia.

United States

Find online news, articles, and plant information, along with interactive discussion forums dedicated to the carnivorous plants of Western Australia.

Medicinal plants
United States

Provides photographs and descriptions of a range of plants believed to have medicinal properties. Almost all our present medicines are derived from research on medicinal plants.


Detail on the Australian plant physiology textbook.

United States

Well-executed, time-lapse, QuickTime movies of plant growth and development - from Indiana Univ.