Biology News
UIC biology professor inspires love of dunes in students with annual study tour of native flora -
GARY — As waves splashed gracefully behind him, a college biology professor stood on a small, snow-dusted dune at Lake Street Beach and announced to his students they were here to "look for plants." Som Ale, of the University of Illinois at Chicago ...

Chimney Rock announces 2018 Naturalist Niche Series - Black Mountain News

Black Mountain News
Spectacular views, amazing trails and sightings of unique flora and fauna are part of Chimney Rock State Park's upcoming Naturalist Niche hikes. Registered participants can explore the park's plants, wildlife, birds, geology and other natural wonders ...

Downriver Montessori preschool teacher receives grant to expand botany program - Southgate News Herald

Southgate News Herald
Growing interest in plants among preschoolers earned Shannon Tyrybon of Montessori Center of Downriver some green to expand her Watch it Grow program and to reward her dedication as a teacher. Tyrybon, of Wyandotte, will receive $1,000 on April 14 in ...

Carnivorous Plants/Insectivorous Plants

Santa Barbara - United States

Features colorful fact sheets from the Botanical Society of America. Learn about carnivorous plant species bizarre adaptations to low-nutrient environments and thier various stratiges for capturing thier incet prey.

United States

Rainbow Plant, Australian Pitcher Plant, Cobra Lilly, Venus Flytrap, Sundews, Tropical Pitcher Plants, Butterworts, Trumpet Pitcher Plants species descriptions and cultivation guide.

Carnivorous Plants and their Habitats

List of the 86 species of Nepenthes, with photos of many wild plants.

Carnivorous Plants and Their Habitats

Find photographs of carnivorous plant species in their natural habitats.

United States

Contains information about growing carnivorous plants, as well as scientific names, guides to propagation, artificial bogs, and terrariums.

Waltraud's Carnivorous Plants Homepage

Nutrient acquisition by different species of carnivorous plants.

United States

Information on the Sundews and Pitcher Plants that grow in the wet tropics of Australia.

United States

Find online news, articles, and plant information, along with interactive discussion forums dedicated to the carnivorous plants of Western Australia.

Medicinal plants
United States

Provides photographs and descriptions of a range of plants believed to have medicinal properties. Almost all our present medicines are derived from research on medicinal plants.


Detail on the Australian plant physiology textbook.

United States

Well-executed, time-lapse, QuickTime movies of plant growth and development - from Indiana Univ.