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By the time ICE arrested Syed Jamal, he was low on options with immigration law - Kansas City Star

Kansas City Star
So after Jamal enrolled in 2008 at the University of Kansas to pursue a PhD in molecular biology, authorities revoked his student visa. He never completed his doctorate. And he's been on ICE's radar ever since. The case is complicated, and “unusual ...

Still unclear if province will stop using Halifax toxicology lab - Cape Breton Post

Cape Breton Post
SYDNEY, N.S. — A week after a highly critical Supreme Court decision questioned the reliability of drug and alcohol testing results from a Halifax toxicology lab in a child custody case, it remains unclear whether the province will halt or continue to ...

Toxicology lab can't offer expertise in child protection case, justice rules -
A Nova Scotia Supreme Court justice has ruled that the director of the Nova Scotia Health Authority's toxicology lab in Halifax can't give expert opinion evidence about the results of urine testing at a child protection proceeding. Justice Theresa ...

Case, Christine

Berkeley - United States

Looking for summer internship in biotechnology, research.

Frontline: The Case for Innocence
United States

Examines the science of DNA testing, and the controversy over its use when introduced as new evidence in already decided criminal cases.

The Case Transgenic and Targeting Facility
United States

Provide transgenic, targeting, targeted point mutations, chimera, rederivation and cryopreservation services for the Cleveland Biomedical Research Community. Includes mouse breeding FAQs, costs, and protocols.

United States
In Europe, the Case of the Missing Sparrows
United States

Article from the Christian Science Monitor about the decline of House Sparrows.

TED Case Studies: Bear Parts Trade
United States
Case Studies in Small Animal Cardiovascular Medicine
United States

Presentation of canine and feline patients with cardiovascular disease in a grand rounds format for the instruction of veterinarians and veterinary students.

The Department of Biology at Case Western Reserve University
United States

The Department of Biology provides comprehensive training for both undergraduate and graduate students. In addition, we provide strong programs in such areas as Animal Behavior, Biochemistry, Cell and Developmental Biology, Computational Biology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Neurobiology, Physiology, and Plant Biotechnology. We also maintain close associations with other departments, particularly in the School of

Neural Engineering Center: Case Western Reserve University
United States

Analyzing the function of the nervous system, developing methods to restore damaged neurological function, and creating artificial systems by integrating physical, chemical, mathematical and engineering tools. Free neuron simulation software provided.

Center for RNA Molecular Biology - Case Western Reserve University
United States

Community of researchers interested in the structure and function of RNA.