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Where Are Free NAPLEX Materials on Social Media? - Pharmacy Times

Pharmacy Times
In the top 200 drugs video series, I put content from my book Memorizing Pharmacology: A Relaxed Approach (, 2016), which is currently in the top 30 audio books nationally in the medicine category. Students often use flash cards to memorize ...

Archive for the 'J inorganic biochemistry' Category - Retraction Watch (blog)

Retraction Watch (blog)
A journal is planning to retract a paper that purported to link a component of vaccines to autism in mice. The paper, about the effects of aluminum adjuvants in vaccines on the immune response in the brains of mice, is the second retraction for co ...

Obituary: Roger W. Hendrix / Lover of molecular biology and Renaissance music - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
He held Christmas concerts in the University of Pittsburgh biology department and called the band the BSO, or Biological Sciences Orchestra, a play on the Boston Symphony Orchestra, said his brother Barton Hendrix. "All the world's a phage," reads the ...

Category: Phage Genomes

College Station - United States

EcoliWiki provides a resource on phage genomes.

Phage Biotech, Ltd.

Phage Biotech Ltd is among a handful of pioneers in the field of Phage Therapy – Targeted Bacterial Eradication – Nature’s way. Phage biotech Ltd is a contract development company specialized in Tailored Phage Bactericides for the Targeted eradication of identified bacterial strains in finite niches. Founded in 2000, Phage Biotech Ltd unique expertise is in development of Phage Bactericides in Health; Food Safety; Veterinary; Agriculture, A

Phage Display Services
United Kingdom

Phage display Technology to select proteins and antibodies from proteins libraries and antibody libraries. Phage display is a innovative technology. Phage display services including protein production, antibody production, screening and antibody engineering.

Silencing Genomes
United States

Portal about genome-wide applications of RNAi by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

Silencing Genomes
United States

Presents a series of experiments demonstrating the power of RNAi in the model organism, C. elegans.

Genomes to Life
United States

The US Department of Energy at Oak Ridge program for research in moleular biology: goals and results.

Genomes: Arabidopsis thaliana
United States

Arabidopsis thaliana is used widely in experiments on plants because it short-lived, grows very quickly, is small in physical size and has a relatively small genome. Project at the Genome Center at Washington University, USA.

Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes (KEGG)

Graphical and hypertext-based information from Kanehisa Laboratories in the Bioinformatics Center of Kyoto University, Japan.

MaGe (Magnifying Genomes) - Microbial genome Annotation System

The MaGe system offers a set of graphical interfaces which allow biologist to perform relevant expert annotation of microbial genomes.