Biology News
Biology students monitor abandoned mines - Valley Courier

Valley Courier
ALAMOSA – Lions, bats, and bears…oh mine. Adams State University biology majors presented their research on the use of abandoned mines by wildlife at a Porter Hall lunchtime talk on April 11. Tyler Cerny and Jose Mix addressed the audience on behalf ...

Nipam Patel appointed director of the Marine Biological Laboratory - UChicago News

UChicago News
Nipam Patel, a leading scholar in modern evolutionary and developmental biology, has been appointed director of the Marine Biological Laboratory, an affiliate of the University of Chicago. In addition, Patel will be appointed as a faculty member at the ...

New degree program blends biochemistry and biology to solve modern problems - Indiana Daily Student

Indiana Daily Student
A new undergraduate degree program in molecular life sciences will begin fall 2018, connecting the fields of biology, chemistry, medicine and biotechnology. The program, a collaboration between the Department of Biology and the Department of Molecular ...

#1499: Deciding Whether Biology Dictates Motherhood - WAMC

But the ticking biological clock woman may hear nowadays is sounding at a time when there have been advances in medical science. Why should biology decide when--or how--you'll have a baby? KALW Inflection Point Host Lauren Schiller speaks with writer ...

Ferrum College biology professors share stories from the Galapagos Islands - Franklin News Post

Franklin News Post
As biologists, Pohlad and Thomas made sure their trip included a stop at the Charles Darwin Research Station where they could see firsthand the work of a center operated by the Charles Darwin Foundation. Going into the trip, the couple said they ...

Cell Biology - Eukaryotic

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Cell Biology - Eukaryotic [ 121-140 of 583]
Gene Therapy Systems
United States

Commercial firm providing reagents for gene delivery and gene therapy research, including unique pGeneGrip fluorescently labeled plasmid vectors and GenePORTER ...

Fungal Genetics Stock Center
United States

Features the center history, catalog and fees, genes and symbols used, availability of strains, and newsletter .

United States

This state-of-the art facility, supported by the Sealy Center for Cancer Cell Biology, is available for use by all UTMB ...

Cattle Genome Mapping Project
United States

Includes chromosome maps, marker information for markers used in the genomic and locus scans, and marker searching by name.

The Neurospora Genome Project
United States

Represents an effort to obtain partial or complete nucleotide sequences from a large number of cDNA clones derived from conidial, ...

The Gene Trust
United States

Goal is to establish a database of information about people, including physical characteristics, health histories, and responses to treatments and ...


A listing of Drosophila genes involved in the immune response.

Developmental Biology: Xenopus as a Model System

Amphibian embryos remained the embryos of choice for experimental embryologists for many decades. This article outlines the attractions of Xenopus ...

UMass Medical School:Transgenic Knockout Animal Core Facility
United States

The mission of the Transgenic-Knockout Animal Core Facility is to produce genetically-altered mice for the UMASS Medical School Community.

Cat Pedigrees
United States

Research your cat's pedigree online. Includes databases for many different cat breeds, including Persian, Himalayan, Abyssinian, Somali, Maine Coon, Exotic ...

Wisconsin Rapid Cycling Brassica oleracea mutagenesis
United States

Provides information on the development of a range of interesting mutants as a tool for teaching genetics and development using ...

United States

Collaborative collection of baseline phenotypic data on inbred mouse strains. Includes data sets, protocols, projects and publications, and SNPs.

Lab Rat Genome Sequenced
United States

Article from Scientific American on the completion of the project to sequence the genome of the rat.

Cloning: Return to the Future
United States

Cells from six healthy cow clones show no signs of the premature aging reported for Dolly the cloned sheep, according ...

WashU-Zebrafish Genome Resources Project
United States

Develop genomic and genetic tools to facilitate biological investigations . Projects include expressed sequence tags, mapping genes and ESTs, and ...

Laboratory of Experimental Modelling of Evolutionary Processes
Russian Federation

Use the garden pea as a genetic model to construct genetic systems which would produce variation in the dose of ...

United States

Public domain database for coffee genomics, comprising information on the large germplasm, coffea specific microsatellites, transposons; SNPs, ESTs, and gene ...

Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man
United States

Database and catalog of human genes and genetic disorders containing textual information, pictures, and reference information.

United States

A genetic testing resource including an introduction to genetic counseling and testing and a genetics laboratory directory. From the University ...

National Center for Genome Resources
United States

Develop bioinformatics and computational biology tools to support genetic analysis and discovery. Features scientific programs, software, and career opportunities.

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Cell Biology - Eukaryotic [ 121-140 of 583]