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From Human Biopsy to Complex Gut Physiology on a Chip - Technology Networks

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The resulting organoids could either be banked for future use or immediately fragmented and seeded into the “epithelial” channels of multiple Organ Chips where they were further matured by flowing specialized culture medium and applying mechanical ...

Novel mechanism linking changes in mitochondria to cancer cell death - Science Daily

Science Daily
The findings, published in Nature Cell Biology, demonstrate that the enzyme RIPK1 decreases the number of mitochondria in a cell. This loss of mitochondria leads to oxidative stress that can potentially kill cancer cells, though researchers speculate ...

'Annihilation' Review: A Beautiful Descent Into Fever Dream - Forbes - Forbes

Dani Di Placido , Contributor I write about film, television, pop culture, and other fun stuff. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Paramount Pictures/Netflix. Beautiful and deeply unsettling. I knew nothing about Annihilation ...

Cell Culture Chat

Englewood - United States

Bulletin board for the discussion of cell line and methodology, maintained by an instrument distributor Spectrum Laboratories, Inc., Rancho Dominguez, California.

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    Cell Biology - Methods and Techniques

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    CellCultureChat - The Answers for All of Your Cell Culture Questions.
    Ask questions and get answers to all of your cell culture questions.

United States

Offers development in mammalian cell culture techniques, cellular process development and process optimization to the biopharmaceutical industry, from Tucson, Arazona.

United States

Specializes in the development and application of mammalian cell culture systems for the production of biologicals in fully synthetic chemically defined protein- and peptide-free culture environments from Zurich, Switzerland.

National Cell Culture Center
United States

Overview of the NCCC, established by the National Institutes of Health, to offer research laboratories and institutions, custom production of secreted proteins or large scale animal cell culture, at Minneapolis, MN.


An international journal on biotechnology of higher plants. Ordering information, samples, tables of contents, abstracts and links.

Dog Chat
United States

Discussion forum for dog lovers.

Cold Filter Cryonics Chat
United States

Lively discussions of cryonics, cryogenics, cryobiology, life extension, transhumanism, death, and related issues.

Thai Chat, Mingus, and Pumpkin Pie
United States

Features photos and stories of these Korat, Abyssinian, and Main Coone cats.

Dog Lovers Live Lighthouse Chat
United States

Discuss buying, training, caring for, grooming, and hanging out with dogs.

Rotifer Culture
United States

Production and application of rotifers in aquaculture.

Caudata Culture
United Kingdom

Provides science-based information about salamanders for pet keepers and professional herpetologists. Offers photographs and forums discussing salamander care.