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Biodiversity Loss Raises Risk of 'Extinction Cascades' - Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory Equipment
New research shows that the loss of biodiversity can increase the risk of "extinction cascades," where an initial species loss leads to a domino effect of further extinctions. The researchers, from the University of Exeter, showed there is a higher ...

Images used in biomedical articles suspected of manipulation - The Australian

The Australian
The researchers are postdoctoral research fellow Kislay Roy, senior lecturer Rupinder Kanwar and Professor Jagat Kanwar, who heads Deakin's Nanomedicine-Laboratory of Immunology and Molecular Biomedical Research. Professor Kanwar and Dr Kanwar were ...

'Annihilation' review: Natalie Portman leads journey to the center of the blob - Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune
The Shimmer has put the whammy on its little corner of earthly, swampy paradise, remaking the ecosystems on a cellular level, causing species of flora and fauna to mutate, while making conventional time and human psychology its plaything. Garland ...
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Cellular Reprogramming Laboratory Jose Cibelli

Houston - United States

Work towards understanding the mechanisms of nuclear transfer, and application to generate human isogenic pluripotent stem cells and to clone animals at optimal efficiency. Michigan State University, East Lansing.

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    Biotechnology - Stem Cells

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    Dr. Jose Cibelli | Cellular Reprogramming Laboratory - Cellular Reprogramming Laboratory
    We work towards understanding the mechanisms of cellular reprogramming that governs the transformation of a somatic cell into a pluripotent one. We identify regulatory genes and gene products that govern the state of pluripotency. We use this knowledge to generate human isogenic pluripotent stem cells and to improve the efficiency of somatic cell nuclear transfer.


    Nuclear Transfer - Cloning - Human Stem Cell - Embryonic Stem Cell

Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience
United States

Researching the signal transduction mechanisms that underlie communication between neurons in health and disease.

Kalpers, Jose
United States

Outside magazine feature looking at Kalpers's work with the mountain gorillas in the wake of the Rwandan civil war.

Jose G. B. Derraik
New Zealand

About 40 research articles available for free download.

San Jose State University
United States

Provides students with intensive, practical laboratory and field experiences and advanced elective options that prepare them to successfully enter the workforce or pursue advanced degrees.

Quadraspidiotus perniciosus: San Jose Scale
United States

General information and life cycle.

San Jose Heritage Rose Garden
Hong Kong

Showcasing 3,500 varieties of heritage, modern, and miniature roses.

City of San Jose Animal Care & Services
United States

Animal shelter and control services for San Jose, California. Find information on spay, neuter, and vaccine services, lost and found dogs and cats, animals to adopt, licensing, behavior training, and dog parks.

Laboratory Animals: The International Journal of Laboratory Science and Welfare
United Kingdom

LAL is a registered charity whose aims are to promote education and training in laboratory animal science. We fund a range of initiatives in the field of laboratory animal science including bursaries to attend appropriate training courses, speakers at scientific meetings, financial assistance for workshops the proceedings of FELASA conferences and of course our journal - Laboratory Animals.

Cellular Respiration
United States

Overview of biochemistry of energy conversion within the organelle, as part of Kimball's Biology Pages.

Cellular Immunology

Articles concerned with the immunological activities of cells in experimental or clinical situations.