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Duterte to agencies: Preserve biodiversity - Business Mirror

Business Mirror
“I exhort all concerned agencies and local government units to uphold the concept of inter-generational responsibility in [the exploration] and utilization of our mineral wealth, the protection and preservation of our biodiversity, anchored on the ...
Borneo Bulletin Online

Study has implications for biodiversity/climate change policy | Scoop ... -
Farm forestry study has implications for biodiversity/climate change policy This report was first published in the Energy and Environment bulletin on July 11.

100 Readers: Marine biologist and ocean lover Doctor Adam Smith pushing for Museum of Underwater Art to be ... - Townsville Bulletin

Townsville Bulletin
As he snorkelled, he marvelled at the little fish, shells and the clear warm water. “Scientists are often curious and that moment, well I describe myself as a thalassophile — a lover of the ocean.” Originally from Sydney, Adam studied marine biology ...

Cereal Rusts and Powdery Mildews Bulletin

London - United Kingdom

Online articles covering research areas on rusts and mildew pathogens of cereals. Contains author guidelines, researchers directory, conference information, and related links.

Cereal Disease Laboratory
United States

Information on diseases, research projects, databases, publications, staff profiles, and related links. U.S. Department of Agriculture, University of Minnesota, St. Paul.

United Kingdom

Photographs and information on Blumeria graminis which can cause serious damage to oats, barley, rye and wheat.

Powdery Mildew Diseases
United States

Article with a description of the pathogens of the order Erysiphales causing these diseases, their diagnosis, epidemiology and control.

Powdery Mildew of Grass

Erysiphe graminis is an epiparasite on grass blades. This and other mildews are a very successful group of fungal parasites that attack numerous plants. Photographs and information.

Biological Bulletin
United States

Experimental research on the full range of biological topics and organisms, published since 1897 by the Marine Biological Laboratory. Includes online archives and email alerts.

Plant Science Bulletin
United States

Contains archived and current issues which are published four times per year.

Bulletin of the Natural History Museum
United Kingdom

Journals that highlight botany, entomology, geology and zoology. Site includes pricing details.

Bulletin of Moscow Society of Naturalists
Russian Federation

Published since 1829, mainly publishes studies of the flora and fauna of Russia. Site has tables of contents and English summaries.

Endangered Species Bulletin Information
United States

From the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

United States

Generated by NOAA to provide notification of bloom conditions to state and local coastal managers in the Gulf of Mexico.