Biology News
Rome's Zoology Museum: Diverso per natura - Wanted in Rome

Wanted in Rome
22 Dec-30 June. Rome's Museum of Zoology hosts an exhibition showcasing the biodiversity of the capital and its hinterland, based on the museum's latest findings. The capital's parks and ancient ruins provide a habitat for dozens of species of wild ...

Calendar of Events - Hamilton College News

Hamilton College News
5:30 pm: Emily Dumont, “The Presence and Formation of Micronuclei in the Divergent Spindle-1 (dv1) Mutant Maize (Zea mays) Plant Compared to the Wild Type Maize Plant.” 5:42 pm: Martha Salas, “The Role of RanGTP in Spindle Assembly of Maize Meiotic ...

Wild Ideas: Spring limps on - Rappahannock News

Rappahannock News
Despite the continuing cold and snowy weather, spring limps on, and, as a nature writer, I'm busy trying to keep up on the many changes among our native flora and fauna this time of year. I usually put my hummingbird feeder out the second week in April ...

Chaaya Wild Yala

Yala - Sri Lanka

Chaaya Wild Yala, a four star resort with 66 chalets is an extension of the Yala National Park, where wildlife roams free. A world-class game lodge on the edge of Sri Lanka's famed Yala National Park; with a high density of leopard. Encounter big game on safari and capture memorable moments on film. Who knew watching your neighbours sunbathe could be this enthralling? The sprawling landscapes surrounding chaaya wild, provide more than enough game for hungry eyes. The rustic luxury of the rooms at our 4 Star accommodation will surely transcend your expectations, and many a lucky visitor has seen leopard on the rocks which border the hotel. Chaaya Wild Yala houses 68 Jungle Chalets and 08 Beach Chalets. The rooms are designed and furnished to provide the best comfort and all the modern facilities despite being lost in the wild. Accommodation at Chaaya Wild Yala will have wooden floors and interiors that resemble a camp, with textures and materials such as canvas, abstract animal prints that highlights a rugged, rustic look.

NATURE: Leopards of Yala
United States

Journeys to Sri Lanka's Yala National Park in search of the world's largest concentration of leopards.

African Wild Dog: Rare wild dogs give clues to pet behavior
United States

About Lycaon pictus, the Cape hunting dog, and its behavior.

Wild Ones
United States

Sharing information about landscaping with native plants and promoting environmentally sound practices.

Wild Ones
United States

Education project, with curriculum resources, of the Wildlife Preservation Trust International.

The WILD Foundation
United States

The International Wilderness Leadership (WILD) Foundation supports the protection and appropriate use of critical wilderness areas, wildland values and endangered wildlife throughout the world.

Wild Herps
United States

John Sullivan's small collection of images and notes about reptiles and amphibians from around the world.

Waxwings Are Wild
United States

Article about Cedar and Bohemian Waxwings. Includes photos.

Wild Wing
United States

Barn Owls: Agriculture rodent and gopher control.

Wild Macaw
United Kingdom

Articles from expeditions to see macaws in the wild in South America.

United Kingdom

Factsheet on the wild cat, Felis sylvestris, its habits and its interactions with man.