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How Darwin's Fossil Collection Helped Him To Come Up With ... - Forbes

Charles Darwin almost doesn't mention fossils in his work about the Origin of Species, despite the fossil record as direct evidence of evolution. He maybe was too concerned about the imperfection of the geological record.
Sun Sentinel

Renowned biologist gives Darwin Day genetics lecture - Stony Brook Statesman

Stony Brook Statesman
Hopi Hoekstra, Alexander Agassiz professor of zoology and curator of mammals in the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University, discussed scientist Charles Darwin, what he knew and what he didn't know at the Earth and Space Sciences Building ...

The Beautiful Cure review – immunology and the heroes of the resistance - The Guardian

The Guardian
In 1989, Charles Janeway, a scientist at Yale University, had an epiphany that would revolutionise immunology. For 50 years, immunologists had subscribed to the dogma that vaccines worked by training the body to recognise molecules that were foreign to ...

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