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Epigenetics: The Evolution Revolution - The New York Review of Books

The New York Review of Books
In Lamarck's view, the evolution of life depends on variation and the accumulation of small, gradual changes. These are also at the center of Darwin's theory of evolution, yet Darwin wrote that Lamarck's ideas were ā€œveritable rubbish.ā€ Darwinian ...

Purdue food toxicology prof named White House adviser - Purdue Exponent

Purdue Exponent
Purdue University professor Charles R. Santerre has been named a senior policy adviser in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. Santerre, a professor of food toxicology, will advise the president on policies related to biotechnology, ...

The evolution of Prince Harry: From royal rebel to soldier and activist - CBS News

CBS News
Prince Harry will marry American actress Meghan Markle in just three days. He is the youngest child of Prince Charles and Princess Diana and sixth in line to the throne. While Prince Harry has served in the British army and is known for his ...

Charles Darwin and Darwiniana

Columbia - United States

Online exhibit of items in the C. Warren Irvin, Jr., collection.

Darwin Country: Darwin, Charles (1809-82)
United Kingdom

Biography, timeline and portrait from Shrewsbury Museums Service.

Charles Darwin

The complete works of Charles Darwin in easy to read HTML format.

Charles Darwin
United States

A short biography of Charles Darwin and information on his works.

United States

Plain text file at Project Gutenberg.

Books of Charles Darwin
United Kingdom

On-line literature library of Darwin's works, including "The Voyage of the Beagle," "The Origin of the Species," and "The Descent of Man."

Charles Darwin: The Truth?
United Kingdom

In-depth investigation into the origins of 'The Origin of Species'.

Wikipedia: Charles Darwin
United States

An article that covers Darwin's early life, his voyage on HMS Beagle and his work on the theory of evolution.

Charles Darwin and His Writings
United States

Collection of Darwin's life and works, and related books.

Charles Darwin: Overview
United States

Brief note on the life of Charles Darwin and his theory of natural selection.

VictorianWeb: Charles Darwin
United States

Images, biography, and selected writings of the naturalist Charles Darwin. Also find articles about his research and contemporary responses to his evolutionary theories.