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A sage discovery: Plant-derived compounds have potent anti ... - Science Daily

Science Daily
New research reveals that two specific plant-derived compounds may be effective for fighting inflammation and pain.

The evolution of cyberhate in the first 10000 days of internet - ABC Online

ABC Online
Friday was the last day of the famous Tinder screenshot case - where a Sydney guy got drunk and taunted girls with rape jokes on Facebook - and the the 10,001st day since the internet was invented. So while we celebrate 17 years of internet with ...

Botany stand-off: Five injured NSW Police officers released from hospital - ABC Online

ABC Online
Five NSW Police officers have been released from hospital after being injured during a stand-off at Botany, in Sydney's south. Police were called to a property on Stephen Road at Botany yesterday afternoon after reports of a man barricading himself in ...
NSW Police Online (press release)

Checklist of Online Vegetation and Plant Distribution Maps

Oakland - United States

Includes maps from all over the world.

United Kingdom

Compilation of information on the geographic distribution of many species in this region.

World Checklist of Selected Plant Families
United Kingdom

Enter a family, genus, or genus and species to see accepted names and world distribution of plants in 150 families. Maintained by the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, Surrey, UK.

Vegetation Ecology at Bern

Forest and grassland ecology at the University of Bern.

Eastern Mojave Vegetation
United States

Vegetation of Mojave National Preserve, San Bernardino County, California, and autoecology of Swertia albomarginata, Coleogyne ramosissima, and Salvia dorrii .

International Association for Vegetation Science
United Kingdom

A worldwide group of scientists and others interested in theoretical and practical studies of vegetation. Includes details of membership, association journals, meetings, jogs and other resources.

Hong Kong Flora and Vegetation
Hong Kong

Discusses plant diversity and adaptations and how plants improve the air and water quality, prevent soil erosion and water runoff, and provide food and shelter for the local fauna. Includes information on plant study sites and trails chosen by the Quality Education Fund and a checlist of plant species.

United States

From the Digital Atlas of the Vascular Plants of Utah.

USGS-NPS Vegetation Mapping Program
United States

Cooperative effort by the U.S. Geological Survey and the National Park Service to classify, describe, and map vegetation communities in more than 270 national park units across the United States.


Web-based software for creating, editing, annotating, and storing biological signaling pathways, doing consistency checks when integrating data from multiple sources, producing biomolecular network maps, and integrating pathways with protein-protein interaction data.

Right Whale Data and Maps
United States

Extensive information from the western North Atlantic, including sighting reports, Right Whale recovery plans, and whale watch guidelines, and reports on entangled whales.