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Anatomy of a lie: Was Brazil's World Cup collapse inevitable? - Think Football

Think Football
There is a Chinese saying which states that “the unexpected takes a long time to be prepared”. According to the followers of this Chinese saying severe diseases on a given individual or global climate catastrophes take a long preparation time before ...

UofL pediatric scientists partner with Chinese research institutions - The Lane Report

The Lane Report
KCHRI's current research is focused in three major areas: diabetes, sleep and respiratory neurobiology, and tumor biology and cellular therapies. KCHRI researchers are actively pursuing research into the causes and complications of diabetes, focusing ...

Chinese Herbal Extract Highly Promising in Fighting Pancreatic Cancer - International Business Times, India Edition

International Business Times, India Edition
Findings of the study have been reported in American Journal of Physiology—Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology. Thunder god vine, a flowering plant that originated in countries like China, Japan and Korea, has been widely used for medical purposes ...

Cicada in Chinese Folklore

San Antonio - United States

Looks at how the ancient Chinese regarded cicadas as symbols of rebirth or immortality.

2007 Cicada Mania! Brood XIII Cicada Emergence
United States

Profile of the Chicago area 17-year cicada species dubbed Brood XIII. Meet the species included in the brood: Magicicada spetendecim, Magicicada cassini, and Magicicada septendecula. From the Lake County Forest Preserves.

Chinese Cricket Culture
United States

Encompasses a 2000 year history of both singing insects and fighting crickets.

Chinese Monal (Lophophorus lhuysi)
United States

Photos, details about the appearance of the male and female, and facts about this bird's habitat.

Chinese Dormouse (Dryomys sichuanensis)
United Kingdom

Information on this endangered species only found in Sichuan Province.

United States

Photos, taxonomic notes, and observations.

Asystasia gangetica (Chinese Violet)
United States

Plant synonyms, scientific classification, and distribution map. Provides invasive species and introduced plant information.

United States

Information on this tree, its description, its use and management. [PDF]

Pterocarya stenoptera: Chinese Wingnut
United States

Fact sheet about this tree, including a photo.

Chinese Fire-Bellied Toad
United States

Guide to caring for and breeding of Bombina orientalis, a toad of southeastern Siberia, northeastern China, and Korea.

United Kingdom

Plants for a Future: description, botanic details, cultivation, uses, range.