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This Powerful New Microscope Will Transform The Way We See Biology - io9

Just weeks after winning a Nobel Prize for his work in microscopy, Eric Betzig has done it again. He and his colleagues have developed a revolutionary new microscopy technique that allows scientists to observe living cellular processes at unprecedented ...
National Geographic
EurekAlert (press release)
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CSUN Marine Biologists Receive Nearly $1.9 Million for Coral Reef Research - CSUN Today

CSUN Today
The marine biologists hope to assess ways through which organisms might mitigate some of the negative effects of increasing acidification. “One of the key things we want to be able to do is to better understand what the reef will look like in 50 years ...

Throwback Thursday: 5 things Grey's Anatomy gave the world - Ottawa Sun

Ottawa Sun
And yet, as a pop cultural phenomenon, Grey's Anatomy fell off the radar years ago. It was a reliable headline generator – think of the Isaiah Washington/T.K. Knight/Patrick Dempsey slur-fest, or Kathryn (Izzie) Heigl's ongoing public I'm-staying/I'm ...

Classification of Living Things

Sunnyvale - United States

An introduction to the naming and relationships of living things. Classification involves much human judgement and is in a constant state of flux as new information is discovered.

Classification of Living Things
United States

Learn about the Linnaean system of classification used in the biological sciences to describe and categorize all living things, with a focus on finding out how humans fit within this system.

Solitary Bees and Things
United Kingdom

A site describing the types of solitary bees likely to be found in British gardens. Instructions for encouraging solitary bees in gardens. Identification tips.

Things That Make You Go Aahh
United States

Posts pictures of the cutest wild animals and pets you'll ever see on the Web.

All Things James Herriot
United States

Features the life and times, books, and pictures of James Alfred Wight, better known as James Herriot.

All Things Stem Cell
United States

A blog aiming to explore stem cell history, harvesting methods, uses in regenerative medicine, potential problems and recent news.

Wintering Piping Plovers and Other Things
United States

Reviews the results of the 1996 International Piping Plover Census in Texas. Also provides extensive links list.

Top 10 Things Launched Into Space in 2008
United States

Wired story about 2008 space launch cargo, including tardigrades

Phyllostomidae: Classification
United States

List of the genera and species of the New World leaf-nosed bats with photographs of many species, including skulls.

Classification of Veroniceae

Taxonomy and images of Veronica and related genera by Dirk Albach and Montserrat Mart+?nez-Ortega.

Classification of Psilotophyta

Main entry in Systema Naturae 2000.