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Ecology Ministry More Than Doubles Number of Cities in Air Quality Ranking - Caixin Global

Caixin Global
China's environmental watchdog has more than doubled the number of cities in its monthly air quality ranking in a bid to pressure authorities to clean up pollution in their respective areas. The Ministry of Ecology and Environment said Monday that it ...

John Oliver Talks Evolution of 'Last Week Tonight,' Jock Straps and Keeping Trump at Bay - Variety

John Oliver found a comfortable rhythm on his HBO series “Last Week Tonight” early on, but five seasons and many awards later, it's still a hard slog every week to get it to air on Sunday night. “It still feels like we're evolving and learning,” Oliver ...

Clean Toxicology Report for Mount in Flores Tragedy - Thoroughbred Daily News

Thoroughbred Daily News
Four months after jockey Jose Flores was killed after falling head-first from his mount while on the lead in a race at Parx, just-released toxicology findings show that the horse he was riding subsequently tested “negative for the presence of foreign ...

Aw! Grey's Anatomy Has a Sweet New Theme For Its 15th Season - POPSUGAR

As Grey's Anatomy heads into its landmark 15th season, there's a lot that's up in the air. Will Teddy be a wedge between Owen and Amelia? Will things finally settle down for Alex and Jo? Will Meredith ever find a man? (Not that she needs one, for the ...

Field Zoology 101 - Winnipeg Free Press

Winnipeg Free Press
Fans of Will Ferrell's idiot characters — particularly legendary anchorman Ron Burgundy — will adore Shawn O'Hara's straight-faced, velvet-voiced lesson on "field zoology," and how "air quotes" can reduce your "legal exposure." O'Hara never cracks ...

Solar plant at Mirzapur railway station will strengthen green ecology: Anupriya Patel - United News of India

United News of India
Mirzapur, Jul 21 (UNI) Union Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare Anupriya Patel on Saturday said solar plant establishment at Mirzapur railway station will encourage green ecology and curb air pollution. Addressing the gathering after ...

Biodiversity in peril! - Philippine Star

Philippine Star
All the essential products and services upon which we depend on are made possible by the biodiversity of our planet – the biosphere, the life within it – plant and animal life with the water and air vital to life. This is the earth's natural capital ...

Clean Air


Distributor of microbiological biohazard safety cabinets and simple tissue culture cabinets. Kojair is specialised in development, manufacturing and marketing of ...

Safety Cabinet Solutions Ltd
United Kingdom

Offers microbiological safety cabinets, recirculating/ductless and ducted fume cupboards , chemical storage cabinets, clean air (laf), pcr and powder weighing ...

Contained Air Solutions Ltd
United Kingdom

We are one of the largest domestic suppliers of clean air and laminar flow products in the UK. Whether you ...

NRDC: Whales and Marine Animals
United States

Natural Resources Defense Council takes a look at threats to whale populations.

Marine Fish Conservation Network
United States

Coalition dedicated to conserving marine fisheries and to promoting their long-term sustainability.

Bioscience International
United States

Bioscience International is the world leader in environmental sampling products. It is most famous for the SAS 100 and SAS ...

United Kingdom

The Biosafety unit undertakes aerobiology studies to assess survival of microorganisms in aerosols and carries out air sampling in wide ...

Conocephalum conicum
United States

Several photographs showing air pores and air chambers.

Aerobiology Instruction And Research, LLC (AIR)
United States

Aerobiology Instruction and Research, LLC (air) is a company with expertise in the assessment of indoor and outdoor bioaerosols. air ...

Coventry University: Human Respiratory System
United Kingdom

This system includes the lungs, pathways connecting them to the outside environment, and structures in the chest involved with moving ...

Industrial Biofouling Science LLC
United States

Consultants offering biofilm problem solving in pharma, food, beverage and water transfer lines and storage tanks, clean-in-place efficacy measurement and ...

United States

Technical article discussing how lichens play prominent roles in air pollution studies because of their sensitivity to different gaseous pollutants, ...

R6 Lichens HomePage
United States

Project background for the air Quality Biomonitoring Program utilizing lichens and mosses in the National Forests of Northwest Oregon and ...


This organization is working to protect the balance of nature and provides information on the largest contiguous intact forest left ...

Parrett Technical Developments
United Kingdom

Manufacturers of air samplers (for airborne microorganisms), easifill peristaltic dispenser pumps, Micro-T-Log miniature temperature datalogger and dust sampling pumps.

USB Corporation
United States

Supplier and distributor of biochemicals and molecular biology products for basic research. Offers brands such as ExoSAP-IT for PCR clean-up, ...

Suppliers of Laboratory Gas Generators

Manufacturers of a range of nitrogen, hydrogen and zero air generators and air compressors for laboratory and industrial applications.

Simpoh Air (Dillenia suffruticosa)

Fact sheet on this shrubby tree, its description, distribution, traditional, medicinal and other uses, role in the habitat, photos, links ...

Sciences International
United States

Specializing in health and environmental sciences including human health and ecological risk assessments, exposure assessments, toxicology, ecotoxicology, litigation support, and ...

The Human Respiratory System
United States

The respiratory system helps to breathe - which is inhaling oxygen so that it can be distributed to each cell ...

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