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My life in garden has never been just about plants. I love the critters, large and small, that hang out in the soil and surface. Sneaky the snake, who lived under the front stone step of my English cottage in the country, always startled me when he ...

Cockatiel Cottage

Sunnyvale - United States

Information on cockatiels including care, diet, health, behavior, handfeeding, breeding, hazards, recipes, photographs, and much more.

National Cockatiel Society
United States

Dedicated to providing information on the proper care, handling, maintenance and breeding of cockatiels.

Mickaboo Cockatiel Rescue
United States

Nonprofit small bird rescue organization placing birds in foster homes while they are being rehabilitated for adoption.

United States

International nonprofit organization dedicated to the improvement and standardization of the cockatiel and its mutations.

United States

Ask and answer questions, chat, and have fun with other cockatiel lovers.

North American Cockatiel Society
United States