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Guts and gory: vampire bats need bacteria to digest blood - Cosmos

A new study of common vampire bats demonstrates some unique adaptations for its blood-sucking lifestyle, as well as the importance of a holistic approach to understanding the real complexities of evolution. In 1994 at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in ...

Education Extra: Achievements - The Register-Guard

The Register-Guard
Lane Arts Council: Fern Ridge area children will experience an immersive, hands-on summer arts camp exploring local flora and fauna. Campers will engage in printmaking, scientific illustration, sculpting and other artistic activities inspired by nature ...

School of Business Administration - News at OU

News at OU
Not many investor analysts can boast of an undergraduate degree in zoology. For Kevin Pratt, MBA '14, though, the leap from endangered amphibians to the world of finance was a positive one, thanks to the MBA program at the OU School of Business ...

Cold Spring Harbor Summer Undergraduate Research

Cold Spring Harbor - United States

Research opportunities are described.

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories
United States

Laboratories involved in genetics at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories, New York, USA.

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
United States

Global consortium of researchers involved in the comprehensive Arabidopsis Genome Sequencing Project, mapping and sequencing the entire genome of a flowering plant.

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
United States

Research in cancer biology, plant genetics, genomics and bioinformatics, and neurobiology.

Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology
United States

A monthly online authoritative analysis of progress in emerging areas of molecular, cell, and developmental biology, genetics, evolutionary biology, neuroscience, cancer biology and molecular pathology.

Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery and Aquarium
United States

An education facility and demonstration hatchery. Educational and exhibit information.

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory - Watson School of Biological Sciences
United States

General information, course offerings, faculty, and links.

Summer Undergraduate Research
United States

Research opportunity is described for undergraduate students. Students participate in research in Biomedical Science.

Summer Undergraduate Research at UTMB
United States

Programs in Biomedical Sciences are described.

United States

Provides opportunities for students to carry out independent research projects under guidance of UNC faculty mentors.

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships
United States

Research opportunities at Caltech are described.