Biology News
Algae virus discovered in human throats may be linked to poor brain function - Daily Mail

Daily Mail
Dr Mikhail Pletnikov, director of the Behavioural Neurobiology and Neuroimmunology Laboratory at the university, said: 'The similarity of our findings in mice and humans underscores the common mechanisms that many microbes use to affect cognitive ...

Pope Francis: 'Evolution Is Not Inconsistent With The Notion Of Creation' - Huffington Post

Huffington Post
Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn of Vienna, a close associate of Benedict, penned a widely noticed 2005 op-ed in The New York Times that said “Evolution in the sense of common ancestry might be true, but evolution in the neo-Darwinian sense — an ...

Surveys Provide USD Biology Grad Student With Research Insight Into Declining ... - Yankton Daily Press

Yankton Daily Press
That's just where University of South Dakota biology graduate student Gretchen Newberry went this June and July when she set out to research the Common Nighthawk. In Vermillion, that often meant Newberry spent much of her time surveying the roofs ...

Common Missouri Spiders

Monett - United States

Descriptions and pictures of spiders indigenous to Missouri, USA.

Common Missouri Wasps and Bees
United States

This site offers lots of detailed information on wasps and bees, particularly those found in Missouri.

Common Spiders in Japan

Line drawings, photos, and notes by Mikio Sekine. Also short articles on various insects.

Common Spiders Found Around Homes and Buildings
United States

Features common Kentucky spiders and provdes information about the differnt spider types.

Palystes: Rain Spiders, Lizard-eating Spiders
South Africa

Photographs and information on South African species in this genus.

Black Widow Spiders and Other Spiders of Medical Importance
United States

Brief information on the black widow and brown recluse; links to related web sites.

Latrodectus: Button Spiders, Widow Spiders
South Africa

Photographs and information on South African species in this genus.

Close-up View of Common Knotweed, Common Lamb's-quarters and Sheep Sorrel
United States

Photographic study by Brian Johnston of these three species, Polygonum arenastrum, Chenopodium album and Rumex acetosella.

Sicarius: Six-eyed Crab Spiders, Six-eyed Sand Spiders
South Africa

Photographs and information on South African species from the Biodiversity Explorer.

United States

Collection of news stories and photos about mountain lions in Missouri and adjacent states.

United States

Offers photos and descriptions of many of the state's beautiful wildflowers, sorted by color and scientific name.