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Zipcars coming to Missouri State campus - Springfield News-Leader

Springfield News-Leader
Biochemistry senior Molly Duszynski checks out a Ford Focus available through car-sharing company Zipcar at Missouri State University on Friday, August 29, 2014. Two Zipcars are now available at MSU. (Photo: Valerie Mosley/News-Leader). Buy Photo ...

Michael Brown Autopsy: Missouri Teen Died of Gun Shots -
St. Louis County police wouldn't release any other details of the autopsy, saying they would wait until toxicology tests were returned, and on Tuesday Ferguson police refused to name the officer involved in the shooting, citing threats made on social ...
Wall Street Journal
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Worms, flies and humans... Our common genomic legacy, key to understanding ... - EurekAlert (press release)

EurekAlert (press release)
"These findings give us a map of highly important regions of the genome that will guide the scientific community in future research projects related to cell biology and, in extension, to disease", adds Dr. Djebali. Apart from determining these key sets ...

Common Missouri Wasps and Bees

Monett - United States

This site offers lots of detailed information on wasps and bees, particularly those found in Missouri.

Bees and Wasps
United States

Covers bees, wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets. Includes information on species background and pesticide application.

Hymenoptera: Ants, Bees and Wasps

The characteristics of these insects, their life cycle, feeding and habitat, with illustrations.

United Kingdom

Status and conservation of 24 species.

United States

National society dedicated to studying and recording these insects, order Hymenoptera, in the UK and Ireland. Provides information on the society and its activities, with a photograph gallery.

Sawflies, Wasps, Bees and Ants: Order Hymenoptera

Photographs and information on the species found in the Brisbane area, Australia.

Common Missouri Spiders
United States

Descriptions and pictures of spiders indigenous to Missouri, USA.

Family Vespidae: Paper Wasps and Potter Wasps

Photographs and information about some species found in the Brisbane area of Queensland, Australia.

Paper Wasps, Yellowjackets and other Stinging Wasps
United States

Illustrated article on the different groups of wasps, their avoidance and control, and the medical importance of stings and their treatment. [PDF]

Solitary Bees: An Addition to Honey Bees
United States

Articles on solitary bees in North America and how to raise and use them.

Close-up View of Common Knotweed, Common Lamb's-quarters and Sheep Sorrel
United States

Photographic study by Brian Johnston of these three species, Polygonum arenastrum, Chenopodium album and Rumex acetosella.